Anti-Asian Hate

Minimum age recommendation

Video resources on this page have been reviewed, and a minimum age has been recommended. This was determined by considering the images, themes, language, content, and context. Adults should always watch any video before sharing it with those impacted by or involved in racism and hate. 

Miss Katie Addresses Anti-Asian Sentiments (for kids) (8+)

Racism against the AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) community has been going on for a long, long time. But the rise of hate crimes since the start of the pandemic has been so significant, and I worry about what kids might be hearing.
Anti-Asian hate is a public emergency. Since the pandemic began, Asian people have been experiencing record amounts of denigration, hatred and racism.
It’s said to be the most Asian city outside Asia. The kind of place that should be immune to a rise in pandemic-fueled racism. Vancouver has been anything but.
Resources for Combatting Anti-Asian Racism (Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada)
Canada has a powerful network of organizations dedicated to raising awareness about these issues. While the list below is by no means exhaustive, it has been created by APF Canada to better inform Canadians and provide gateways to action.
Anti-Asian racism is intrinsically tied to the hate, systemic discrimination and racism experienced by many other racialized and marginalized communities. This forum highlighted the relationship between anti-Asian racism and racism against Black, Indigenous and other racialized people. 
Behind every data point in these statistics, there is an actual person, such as a young child or a pregnant woman, being targeted simply because of the colour of their skin.
—Bincheng Mao.

Hidden Hate: Anti-Asian Racism (12+)

There has been an alarming rise in anti-Asian attacks in North America amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and Canada is not immune. Some Canadian cities have recorded a 600-700 per cent spike within a year, and many more incidents remain in the shadows.

We Need To Talk About Anti-Asian Hate (16+)

We need to talk about the rise of anti-Asian hate and attacks. Join Eugene for an in-depth conversation about the complex, often untold story of the Asian American community, the unique struggles they face, and find out how you can help #StopAsianHate.

Beyond the Bulletin: Kim Nguyen / Anti-Asian Racism (14+)

There has been a surge in cases of discrimination and violence against people of Asian descent since COVID-19 began to spread beyond China. But anti-Asian racism didn’t start with the pandemic.

Eyes Open: An Anti-Asian Racism PSA (14+)

This anti-Asian racism video encourages people to confront racism amid the COVID-19 pandemic while celebrating the contributions of Asian Canadians to society.