Anti-Poverty Hate

Minimum age recommendation

Video resources on this page have been reviewed, and a minimum age has been recommended. This was determined by considering the images, themes, language, content, and context. Adults should always watch any video before sharing it with those impacted by or involved in racism and hate. 

Sam Finds Out About Poverty (8+)

This PowToon provides facts about poverty for school-aged children to be educated about global poverty. Through cartoons, this clip engages a younger audience and encourages children to become active and informed citizens in helping this global crisis.

Canada's Poverty Problem (16+)

Canada has a poverty problem. The numbers are staggering. 3.2 million Canadians live in poverty. And one in five children are living below the poverty line. But Canadians are fighting back. In the past 5 years, the poverty rate has started to decline. And one million Canadians have climbed out of poverty over the last 3 years.

Is Canada's cost of living pushing people into poverty? (12+)

It's undeniable. The cost of living is going up. Food prices are on the rise. Meat costs 52% more, vegetables are up 11%, and fruits are 9% more expensive across the country. Where can we find hope in this poverty crisis? 

1.3 million children in Canada living in poverty (12+)

A new report from Campaign 2000 says 1.3 million children in Canada were living in poverty in 2019. According to the group, Canada is still 54 years away from Parliament’s goal of ending child poverty.