Director and Senior Staff

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Senior Staff

Headshot of Lisa Walsh
Lisa Walsh, PhD – Director of Education and Secretary of the Board

Responsibilities: Strategic Planning, BIPSAW/SIPSAW, Head under MFIPPA and MISA, Communications and Public Relations, District Leaders’ Meeting and Principals’ Meetings.

Board Committee Liaison:
Audit Committee, Finance Committee, Suspension and Expulsion Appeal Committees, Director’s Review, Public Health Unit, Health Community Partnerships, Parent Involvement Committee (PIC).

Headshot of Laura Marotta

Laura Marotta – Superintendent of Education (Student Support Services)

Responsibilities: BIPSAW/SIPSAW/DIPSAW, International Education, Equity of Opportunity, Mental Health & Well-Being,  Data & Research, Safe Schools & Operations. 

Agency Liaison:
Choices for Change, Huron Perth Public Health, LHIN, CAS, Police. 
Board Committee Liaison: Student Senate Committee


Also responsible for the following schools:
  • Anne Hathaway Public School
  • Avon Public School
  • Bedford Public School
  • Hamlet Public School
  • Mitchell District HS
  • Romeo Public School
  • Shakespeare Public School
  • Stratford District Secondary School
  • Stratford Intermediate School
  • Upper Thames ES

Headshot of Jeff Bruce

Jeff Bruce – Superintendent of Education (Learning Services)
Responsibilities: BIPSAW/SIPSAW/DIPSAW, Equity of Access/Inclusion, Special Education, English as a Second Language, Low German Community (Tu Puente), Cornerstones, Education and Community Partnership Program, STRIVE, SERT and EA Training, Interventions (Empower, Lexia, Clevr, BMS, Specialized Transportation, etc.), Violence Prevention Working Group.

Agency Liaison: 
Huron Perth Centre, Thames Valley Children's Centre, CSCN, CTCC Partners' Table
Board Committee Liaison: SEAC, PECC, Equity Steering Committee, Joint Health & Safety (Alternate).

Also responsible for the following schools:
  • Elma Township PS 
  • Listowel Eastdale PS
  • Listowel District SS
  • Milverton PS
  • Mornington Central PS
  • North Perth Westfield ES
  • South Huron DHS
  • Bluewater Coast ES
  • Exeter ES
  • Stephen Central PS


Headshot of Jane MorrisJane Morris – Superintendent of Education (Leading Learning)
Responsibilities: BIPSAW/SIPSAW/DIPSAW, Equity of Outcomes, Student Success (Pathways, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP), School College Work Initiative, Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM), Dual Credit, Experiential Learning, Alternative Education (e.g. Connections, Supervised Alternative Learning, Youth in Care, Riverside, CASE), Avon Maitland District E-learning Centre, Technology (Infrastructure, Technology Enabled Learning Plan, TRA professional development, oversight of software licenses, Enrolment and Information Management, Student Exchanges, Border Cross Requests, Home Schooling, Home/Hospital Instruction, Program of Study)

Agency Liaison:
Colleges (Fanshawe, Conestoga, Lambton), Community partners (re: skilled trades and Cooperative Education)
Board Committee Liaison: Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL), Pathways Advisory Committee

Also responsible for the following schools:
  • Avon Maitland District E-learning Centre (AMDEC)
  • Brookside PS
  • Elementary and Secondary Remote Learning
  • FE Madill SS
  • Goderich District CI
  • Goderich PS
  • Howick Central PS
  • Maitland River ES
  • North Woods ES


Headshot of Kate CreeryKate Creery – Superintendent of Education (Program Services)
Responsibilities: BIPSAW/SIPSAW/DIPSAW, Equity, Program K to 12, Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting, Outdoor Ed, Early Years/ Calling All Three Year Olds (CATYO), Indigenous Education, EQAO, Lead on School Effectiveness Framework, Leadership Development (Admin), Interventions: LEXIA, LLI, etc., Lead for Professional Development Days, Summer Planning: Summer School 7 to 12, Summer Learning Program, Primary/Junior Literacy and Numeracy, French as a Second Language (Core and Immersion), Lead for Principal/Vice-Principal Learning Network, Mentoring for All (with HRS)

Agency Liaison:
Huron Perth Eat and Learn, Early Years Community Liaison, Kids First Steering Committee.
Board Committee Liaison: 
School Year Calendar, Indigenous Education Advisory Committee, Foundation for Education, Equity Steering Committee

Also responsible for the following schools:
  • Central Huron SS
  • Clinton PS
  • Hullett PS
  • Huron Centennial PS
  • Seaforth PS
  • Central Perth ES
  • Downie Central PS
  • Little Falls ES
  • North Easthope PS
  • South Perth Centennial PS
  • Sprucedale PS
  • St Marys DCVI

Headshot of Paul LangisPaul Langis
 – Superintendent of Education (Human Resource Services)
Responsibilities: BIPSAW/SIPSAW/DIPSAW, Equity of Hiring, Human Resources Services including: Negotiations, Contract Administration, Non-union Terms and Conditions Administration, Benefits, Payroll, Hiring, Staff attendance and Wellness, Union Liaison, Staff Development for Non-teaching Staff, Student Teachers/Associate Teachers, Elementary and Secondary School Staffing, Adult and Continuing Education - Program (Centre for Employment and Learning), Ontario Leadership Strategy (TPA/PPA/NTIP, coaching/ mentoring, leadership development and succession), Huron-Perth Athletics and Competitions Beyond Local Level, Labour Management. 

Board Committee Liaison:
Joint Health & Safety (alternate), HRS Committee, Recognition Reception Committee, Staff Development, Collaborative Professionalism Committee.

Also responsible for the following schools:
  • Centre for Employment & Learning sites: Clinton, Exeter, Goderich, Listowel, Seaforth, Stratford, Wingham.
Headshot of Cheri CarterCheri Carter – Superintendent of Corporate Services

Responsibilities: BIPSAW/SIPSAW/DIPSAW, Pupil Accommodation (Accommodation/ Boundary plans and reviews, facility transitions), Adult & Continuing Ed – Business (Centre for Employment and Learning), Facility and Municipal Partnerships, Facilities Operations (Capital Planning, Facility/Grounds Maintenance, Community Use of Schools, Property, Liability and Student Insurance, Environmental Health & Safety, Custodial Services including PD), Business Operations: Audit (Internal, External), Finance Services (accounting, reporting, AP, HST); Procurement, Copyright, Transportation. 

Board Committee Liaison
: Audit Committee, Finance Committee, Huron Perth Student Transportation Consortium, AODA.