Meet our Trustees




Photo of Nancy Rothwell

Nancy Rothwell - Chair of the Board (2022)

Trustee – North Perth (North Perth Westfield ES; Listowel Eastdale PS; Elma Township PS; and Listowel District SS)

519-502-7250; [email protected]
Throughout this second term, I continue to advocate for a strong public education system within our predominantly rural areas of Huron and Perth counties, and the province of Ontario. We want to ensure we are raising great future global citizens with a curiosity to continue to learn every day, alongside social and emotional well being. Our strategic plan with three pillars: I am prepared; I am engaged; and, I am well, helps to strengthen the path for Avon Maitland students, staff, and our community. 
My husband and I live in the Elma Ward of North Perth and we have been blessed with 4 children now all young adults in their 20s. I was born and raised in Elma Township on a dairy farm, attended Elma Township Public School and Listowel District Secondary School. My education continued into a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Nutrition at the University of Guelph, and a Certificate in Health Promotion at the University of Western Ontario.
As parents and community members, we had opportunities to be active in the school community through different venues of volunteering, fundraising, attending School Council meetings, coaching, chaperoning, and hosting International students from Germany, Brazil and Spain. I encourage parents and guardians to be active within your school community even in just a small way.
“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community
and world better than you found it.”  Martha Wright Edelman.

 Photo of Robert Hunking

Robert Hunking - Vice Chair of the Board (2022)

Trustee – Central East Huron (Clinton PS, Hullett Central PS, Seaforth PS, North Woods ES and Central Huron SS)

519-440-8839; [email protected]

I am honoured to be beginning my third term as AMDSB Trustee for the communities of Central East Huron. Within these communities are the vibrant schools of Clinton Public, Hullett Central Public, Seaforth Public, North Woods Elementary and Central Huron Secondary. It is the students, staff and community that make a school and we have great schools.


My path to this role as trustee was sparked by a quote by Benjamin Franklin that has always stuck with me: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”


I am or have been involved as a parent, ARC Member, School Council Member & Chair, PIC Member and now again as Trustee. I am currently also the Western Vice President of Ontario Public School Board Association. I am a life-long resident of Huron County, having lived my all my life on the family farm in Central Huron (Hullett) until recently moving to Bayfield. Home is with my three daughters. I attended Hullett Central PS and Central Huron SS, my daughters are following in my footsteps. I hold a Diploma in Horticulture from the Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture.


As this is the age of computers, technology and social media for our students and for us, I invite you to follow me as I continue my journey as a Trustee within AMDSB. My blog, ‘My Path of Learning’, will let you see and follow my adventures of being a trustee and learn with me. I am @yesknowno on Twitter. “Always Learning” is a vital role in being a Trustee. As we encourage our students to be life long learners, I will be taking the steps with them and you.

 Photo of Laura Bisutti

Laura Bisutti

Trustee – Stratford (Anne Hathaway PS, Avon PS, Bedford PS, Hamlet PS, Romeo PS, Shakespeare PS, Stratford Intermediate School, Stratford District SS)

519-272-0555; [email protected]

I have a background in Science and understand the importance of research and verification, as such I am interested in the information collected by the Public Consultation of the Education System. I strongly believe in the importance of surveys, research and focus groups to bring a variety of voices to the board.

I enjoy volunteering at the Local Community Food Centre’s greenhouse as well as the community garden. As an avid gardener and environmentalist I support the Local’s belief that all community members deserve dignified access to healthy food.

I am a parent of three children, two of which attend Stratford Central. I have volunteered at their elementary school reading program and as a helper in the Kindergarten class. I continue to attend parent/council meetings at their present school.


 Photo of Colin Carmichael

Colin Carmichael

Trustee – Northwest Huron (Goderich PS, Brookside PS, Goderich District Collegiate Institute)

519-441-2445; [email protected]

Over the past fifteen years, I have held various marketing and communications positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. I specialize in digital communications and strategy. In 2015, I left McMaster University in Hamilton as Associate Director of Marketing/ Communications to purchase Point Farms Market just north of Goderich where we now live and work.

I currently serve on the Board of the Huron County Women’s Shelter and prior to moving to Huron County, I served on Board of the Cambridge Public Library for several years, including a 4-year term as chair.


 Photo of Lynette Geddes

Lynette Geddes

Trustee – St. Marys, Perth South and West Perth (Downie Central PS, Little Falls PS, South Perth Centennial PS, Upper Thames ES, Mitchell District HS and St. Marys DCVI)


519-284-0970; [email protected]


This is my third term as Trustee and, as our Strategic Plan says, I am Always Learning.


I obtained my BA from the University of Western Ontario and currently, together with my husband, own a business supplying equipment, software and training for people with disabilities, primarily visual and learning. As well as my involvement in our family business I am currently the events coordinator on the board of the St. Marys Farmers’ Market, a position that helps to keep me current on the concerns and needs of our community.


Our blended family consists of six adult children each of whom are following unique paths building on the foundation of their primary education.


I believe in public education that is accessible to all so that children learn about the uniqueness and value of others as individuals. And as humanity struggles to come to terms with changes brought about by leaps in technology, I am reminded of education’s necessity in our complex world.


As a trustee I will always strive to keep the education and the well-being of our students as my core reason for being on the board. I have the pleasure of representing St. Marys, Mitchell and the rural areas surrounding these two communities. Located within this area are Downie Central, Little Falls, South Perth Centennial and Upper Thames elementary schools and Mitchell District HS and St. Marys DCVI at the secondary level.


 Photo of Herb Klassen

Herb Klassen

Trustee – Stratford (Anne Hathaway PS, Avon PS, Bedford PS, Hamlet PS, Romeo PS, Shakespeare PS, Stratford Intermediate School, Stratford District SS)

519-273-6589; herb[email protected]

I am a retired teacher, councillor, vice principal, and principal for AMDSB (30 years). I was an international teacher in the Bahamas (three years) while on a leave of absence. Then I became a Counselor for NATO representing soldiers serving Canadian Forces in Germany, Holland and Belgium (three years). Director of two private International Schools in Berlin, Germany (5 years), Principal of International Boarding School in St. Maarten (4 years).

I recently returned to Canada after working overseas for 9 years. Since returning I became a member of the Stratford Country Club, a member of badminton and pickle ball teams in Stratford and a Friend of Kiwanis Stratford.

I was a Secondary School Principal representative to OPC, representing Principals of AMDSB on Provincial Council for 10 years; executive member elected to OPC Council; and Principal representative at Board meetings, AMDSB, for 5 years. My two boys went to Central Secondary School. Both graduated with University degrees and are now employed and self sufficient. My wife Darlene and I are retired and living in Stratford.

 Photo of Julie Moore

Julie Moore

Trustee – Perth East (Central Perth ES, North Easthope PS, Sprucedale PS, Milverton PS, Mornington Central PS)

519-656-2839; [email protected]

I was born and raised in the City of Toronto and now find myself a resident of the beautiful region of Perth East. My husband Bob and I are raising our two young sons on his sixth generation family farm in North Easthope.

I hold a BA and MA from the University of Guelph and am a graduate of the BSW program at the University of Waterloo. My varied interests have led me to volunteer my time with the Perth East Public Library, the Huron-Perth Community Legal Clinic, the Avon Co-operative Nursery School and the Emily Murphy Centre.

I am looking forward to getting to know the elementary schools within the Perth East area (Central Perth, Milverton, Mornington Central, North Easthope and Sprucedale) and feel up to the challenge of promoting strong public education within our predominantly rural area.


 Photo of Colleen Schenk

Colleen Schenk

Trustee – North Huron, Morris Turnberry and Howick (Maitland River ES, Howick Central PS, FE Madill SS)

519-357-1066; [email protected]

I am humbled to be serving in my 28th year as a Trustee, and honoured to represent the Municipalities of North Huron, Morris Turnberry and Howick.

In addition to serving as Chair and Vice-Chair at different times over the years, I also served for 3.5 years as President of the Ontario Public School Boards Association; a group comprised of school board trustees across the province who help to set policies and advocate provincially on behalf of our students.

My background includes a degree in Landscape Architecture, and I designed Provincial Parks before relocating to the Wingham area. My family and I have long believed in community service, and I sit on the board of the Blyth Art Gallery as secretary, the Elementary School Fair committee, the Alice Munro Festival Committee, and two Political committees (one Provincial and one Federal). My husband and I have 3 children, all born and raised in Huron County.

I strongly encourage our parents and community members to become active in the school community and help us grow our children into valuable and contributing members of our society. We are better prepared for life if we learn one new thing each and every day.

 Photo of Al Sygrove

Al Sygrove - On Leave

Trustee – Southwest Huron Region (Exeter PS, Bluewater Coast ES, Huron Centennial PS, Stephen Central PS, South Huron District HS)

519-565-4534; [email protected]

After nine years serving as Trustee for Northwest Huron it is now my honour to represent the municipalities of Bluewater and South Huron.


I am a graduate of St. Clair Secondary School and I have a B.A. and M.Ed. from the University of Windsor and teaching certification from London Teachers’ College.


My wife, Louise, and I moved to Goderich from Sarnia in 1971 where we began our teaching careers with the Huron County and Avon Maitland District School Boards. During that time I had the opportunity to serve as principal at Blyth, Victoria and Zurich Public Schools.

During our time in Goderich, Louise and I raised two daughters who attended GDCI. We also have been blessed with two terrific grandsons.