Anti-2SLGBTQIA+ Hate

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Minimum age recommendation

Video resources have been reviewed, and a minimum age has been recommended. This was determined by considering the images, themes, language, content, and context. Adults should always watch any video before sharing it with those impacted by or involved in racism and hate. 

Talking to Kids about Pride Month | Jessi Cruickshank (12+)

In celebration of Pride Month, Jessi Cruickshank sits down with her favourite pint-sized squad to talk about gay loved ones, celebrities and being a gay ally.

The Importance of Equity 

"People must learn to hate. If they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love." 
--Nelson Mandela

UN Free & Equal: A free and equal world is possible (12+)


UN Free & Equal: Be there. Be an ally (12+)


The Riddle: new anti-homophobia message (14+)


Faces - United Nations Free & Equal (12+)


Learning About Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Gender Expression 

LGBT Animated Infographic (14+)


Learning About Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (16+)

10 Sexualities to Know About (16+)

Range of Gender Identities (12+)

UN Free & Equal: Bisexuality - Busting the Myths (14+)

UN Free & Equal: Intersex Awareness (14+)


The Gender-Bread Person Explained (14+)

A great tool to help children and teens understand the difference between sex assigned at birth, gender identify, gender expression & sexual orientation. 


The Gender-Bread Person with Katie Couric (14+)

One way to simplify the many components of gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, and biological sex is by using the Gender-Bread Person Model, created by Sam Killerman.


What Are Gender Pronouns?

An Informative Animation: What are Pronouns? (12+)


Some Personal Explanations: What are Pronouns? (14+)


The Importance: Why Gender Pronouns Matter (14+)


What Does 2Spirit Mean?

A term used by the Indigenous Queer Community to claim their Gender Identity & Ethnic Heritage - BESE Explains: Two Spirit (14+)


Geo Neptune Explores the History of 2Spirit and Explains to whom it pertains (14+)


Mica Valdez explains the fluidity of First Nations gender identity and sexuality with respect to traditional tribal roles (14+)