Back to School (2023-2024)

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Don’t forget the first day back is Wednesday September 6! We are hosting a PA day on September 5 so our staff can receive important training for the start of school.
We know that back to school can bring a range of emotions for students and caregivers. The return of routine and structure might make some feel excited or even thrilled. Others might feel uncertain and in some cases, sad, especially those who are sending their little one off for their very first day!
We understand, and we want to assure you that our school staff are ready! If you need extra support, we have information on our website with tips and tricks to help ease transitions. We also have information on how to connect with local services – check our Mental Health and Well-being pages Coping Strategies for At Home and Promoting Positive Mental Health at AMDSB.

The ‘back to school’ information below is for our current students and families, but also for those interested in checking out what we’re all about! 

Have you registered yet?

If you are new to our board and have yet to register, please check our School Registration page. It has all the details you need about which school your child will attend, bus information and a link to our registration system. Returning students do not need to register.  

Wondering about bus information?

Our busing parent portal is now open. If your child is eligible for a school bus, please log into the parent portal to check and confirm their route information. For information about bus eligibility and more, visit the Huron-Perth Student Transportation Services website:

We can't wait to welcome you!

All our staff have been working hard to get schools and classrooms ready for students. We are feeling excited to begin a new year! We hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful summer and that this year will be a positive learning experience for our students as they develop their social, emotional and academic skills! 
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What do you need to know about going back to school?

The information below provides details about the systems that we use. 

What about school supplies?

Parents always ask us about what supplies students need. Most classrooms have everything but sometimes teachers will make recommendations about optional items. 

Key Dates

First Day of Classes: Wednesday September 6, 2023 (except kindergarten students who have a staggered entry)
Winter Break:  Last day of classes is Friday December 22, 2023. First day back is Monday January 8, 2024
Secondary Winter Exam Days: January 29, 30, 31, February 1, 2024
March Break: March 11 - 15, 2024
Secondary Summer Exam Days: June 24, 25, 26, 27, 2024
Last Day of Classes: Thursday, June 27, 2024
PA Days: 
Tues Sept 5
Fri Oct 20
Fri Nov 17
Fri Feb 2
Fri Apr 19
Fri June 7
Fri June 28 
Find full details on our School Calendar page

Are you new to AMDSB?

Who we are

If you are new to Avon Maitland (or checking us out), we are a full service public English school district in southwestern Ontario. We serve families in Huron and Perth Counties. 

At AMDSB, our goal is to enable students to be successful graduates who can say “I am Well, I am Prepared, I am Engaged.” We track a wide range of data and information so that we can make adjustments throughout the school year to meet the needs of our students. Read our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan


Our motto is “Always learning” - as students and staff encounter new knowledge, they not only learn, but grow. We are a small school board that can pivot and shift when needed so that we meet the needs of our students. 

Quote from past studentOur schools provide a caring, welcoming and inclusive community for our students. We complete an annual survey about belonging and school culture and use the results to organize student-led activities. We promote a safe environment for all students and teach them about bullying and how to be supportive of one another. We are committed to inclusivity. We fly the Pride flag in June and we recognize Orange Shirt Day, Black History Month, and many other cultural heritage days, weeks and months. We also provide free products in washrooms used by grades 4-12 students (menstrual equity). We support the Ontario Indigenous Education Strategy, which engages students who identify as First Nations, Métis and Inuit. Our schools also take part in many activities that provide Indigenous learning opportunities.

Our classroom teachers focus on universal design for learning and differentiate their instruction to meet the 
Quote from parent with student with special needs
needs of all students. Special education programs and services at AMDSB support classroom teachers in meeting the needs of learners with reduced hearing or vision, gifted learners and those who need extra support. Visit our Special Education page to learn more. 







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We support students who do not speak English at home or who are learning English as another language through our Multi Language Learner Support Program (MLL). If students or families need support settling in Canada, we can facilitate connections to YMCA Settlement Services and the Huron County Immigration Partnership.  


You can find a full overview of our board on our About Avon Maitland page.

Our Schools

There are 31 elementary, 8 secondary and 1 e-learning school in the Avon Maitland District School Board.

Compared to other school boards in Southwestern Ontario, many of our schools are small and located in friendly communities. Students and their families are able to build close relationships with staff and other families. For secondary students, this means valuable community service or co-op placement opportunities. 

See a list of all of our schools.

Not sure which school your child should attend? Use our School Finder tool. 

Register your child at one of our schools today!

Elementary Student Experience (Grades K to 8)

We offer a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of our students. Check out a few examples below that are specific to elementary students! For a full list of elementary programs, you can visit our elementary programs page.

Our Kindergarten teams provide safe, nurturing environments that promote cognitive, social, and emotional development. Classrooms include materials and experiences to encourage collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and problem solving. 

Collage of kindergarten students and learning spaces

We offer French Immersion programming for elementary students in Stratford at Bedford and Anne Hathaway Public Schools (both are grades K to 6), and Stratford Intermediate School (grades 7 and 8). 

Staying in the Zone poster

Our Mental Health and Well-being (MHWB) team supports students with their “Staying in the Zone” system. Posters in each classroom provide consistent language to express feelings and strategies to deal with challenging situations in positive ways. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills help us to be successful at home, school, and work, and they are crucial for friendships, completing tasks, and staying positive in the face of stress or adversity.

Caregivers, staff and students should work together to foster mentally healthy schools and classrooms. Our MHWB team recently hosted a caregiver mini series – view the videos on our Promoting Positive Mental Health at AMDSB page.


We also celebrate a variety of Awareness Days where we encourage students, staff, and caregivers to learn more about mental health and well-being. Examples include Pink Shirt Day, Children’s Mental Health Week and Bullying Prevention Week. These celebrations are an excellent opportunity for student and caregiver-led promotion and prevention across the system. 

Many of our schools offer space to community partners who provide before and after school care. Each year, we conduct a survey to determine where partners should provide programs. Find details about the 2023/2024 programs on our Before and After School Program page

Secondary Student Experience (Grades 9 to 12)

Our secondary schools offer rich learning experiences for all students. Check out a few examples below that are specific to secondary students! For a full list of secondary programs, you can visit our secondary programs page.

We encourage students to pursue their passions and explore a wide variety of options as they prepare for their next stage. All our schools offer experiential learning opportunities to help students discover their skills and interests and gain valuable career experience. We offer:

Learn more at

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We also offer French Immersion programming for secondary students in Stratford at Stratford District Secondary School

Our Mental Health and Well-being (MHWB) team works with community partners to provide resources and support for our students and educators around stress, coping and building resilience. Our Mental Health Counsellors work in our schools to promote MHWB and guide student teams as they develop plans for their peers. 

For those who may need extra support, we provide one-on-one counselling in partnership with local community providers like Huron Perth Centre for Children and Youth, Rural Response for Healthy Children, and Choices for Change. This helps ensure students have access to the support that they need. Visit the Mental Health and Well-being section of our website to learn more. 

See these videos below to learn more about what each of our secondary schools has to offer (videos will open in a new tab):

Central Huron Secondary School

F.E. Madill Secondary School

Goderich District Collegiate Institute

Listowel District Secondary School

Mitchell District High School

South Huron District High School

St. Marys District Collegiate and Vocational Institute

Stratford District Secondary School