Promoting Positive Mental Health at AMDSB

2023-2024 Caregiver Lunch & Learns (Videos and Presentations)

In the fall of 2023, AMDSB, in partnership with Huron Perth Catholic District School Board and other community partners launched a series of lunch 'n learns for caregivers. See below for the presentations and handouts. 

Spring 2023: Mental Health & Well-Being Caregiver Mini Series (Videos and Presentations)

A series of webinars about the common mental health challenges facing children and youth, and strategies you can implement at home or in the community to support them was hosted from from April 27 to May 4, 2023. Please see below for the recordings (videos) and PDF files containing the presentation slides (for the AMDSB presentations). 
Presenter: AMDSB Mental Health and Well-being Team
Presenter: AMDSB Mental Health and Well-being Team
Presenter: AMDSB Mental Health and Well-being Team
Presenter: Victim Services Huron County
Presenter: Canadian Mental Health Association Huron Perth Addiction & Mental Health Services 
Presenter: Canadian Mental Health Association Huron Perth Addiction & Mental Health Services
Presenter: Rural Response for Healthy Children

Video resources for grades 4-12

What is Stress? 

This video addresses good stress and too much stress, as well as what to pay attention to and what to do when feeling too much stress.


Resiliency helps protect us when feeling stress. This video is based on 8 things that Dr. Michael Ungar has found make us resilient – structure, consequences, close relationships with caring adults, strong identity, sense of control, rights and responsibilities, and safety and support.



Stress & Anxiety - Introduction from FauxPop TV on Vimeo.

Stress 101

This video focuses on what stress is, how it can affect people in a positive or negative way, and how to recognize stressors.

Is it Stress or Anxiety?

This video examines the difference between stress and anxiety, as well as: what is the fight, flight or freeze response; why we feel anxiety, when stress and anxiety become too much, and the symptoms of anxiety.

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

This video looks at coping with stress; how to determine coping strategies that work, including physical, behavioural, cognitive or mental strategies; and unhealthy strategies.

Getting help

This video is about getting help - when to ask for help, where to turn for help, and apps for self-help for stress and anxiety.

Closing remarks

Promoting Positive Mental Health at AMDSB

Mental health and well-being prevention and promotion is an important part of school communities as we work to reduce stigma and open up the conversation about mental health. 
In our AMDSB schools, we all share responsibility in working together to foster Mentally Healthy Schools and Classrooms. When parents, students and staff engage in activities of prevention and promotion, students feel supported in times of need. During Awareness Days, students, staff, and parents/guardians are encouraged to learn more about mental health and well-being.  
Awareness Days are an excellent opportunity for student-led and parent/guardian-led promotion and prevention across the system. 

Mental Health Promotion Days

September 10: World Suicide Prevention Day
October 10: World Mental Health Day 
Third week of November: Bullying Prevention Week
Last week of January: Mental Health Awareness Week
Last Wednesday of February: Pink Shirt Day
Second Friday of March: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Day 
First week of May: Children's Mental Health Week