Coping Strategies for At Home

Everyday Mental Health Practices: Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO) promotes Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills which help us to be successful at home, school, and work. They are the sorts of skills that are needed to start and keep friendships, complete tasks, and stay positive in the face of stress or adversity. There are many SEL skills that we learn in life as we grow up into adulthood, but most fall into SMHO’s Six Common Elements of SEL (see image, full descriptions and examples below).

VIDEO: SMHO What Is Social-Emotional Learning?
Staying in the zone poster - examples of how to manage social emotional learning in the classroom
AMDSB is committed to fostering and bolstering our students' coping strategies to promote self-regulation, perseverance, and resiliency that can be applied to multiple areas of their life as they grow and develop. At home, families can support this work by familiarizing themselves with everyday SEL and self-care strategies and practicing them with their children. Look for these posters in classrooms and common areas across the board - students have been provided with these instructions for its use.





SEL Strategies for At Home (click on the titles to see the grade-specific resources)

AMDSB Self-Care & Mental Health Strategies At Home

Book list

Books are a great way for caregivers to introduce Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to children and youth. Below is a list of books aligned with SMHO’s Six Common Elements of SEL. We have reviewed and vetted these books, but we encourage you to use your discretion when sharing them with your child(ren). All AMDSB students can use their Google account to access SEL books through Epic.