At AMDSB, we offer students opportunities to explore all 5 pathways:

  1. Apprenticeship
  2. College
  3. Community
  4. University
  5. Workplace

The opportunities allow students to learn more about who they are and what their interests and skills are. Through virtual and hands-on experiences, students reflect on who they want to become and what goals need to be set in order to transition into one of the 5 pathways. Through various experiential learning programming like SHSM, OYAP, Co-op, Dual Credit and others, students can explore all pathways as viable options and create a plan to successfully transition into their chosen pathway.

Students are encouraged to explore multiple pathways to gain experiences and knowledge that will lead them to a better understanding of what each pathway can provide. 

Pathways Programming: Programs offered in school that provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge, experiences and qualifications in order to better prepare themselves for life beyond secondary school (Co-op, Dual Credit, OYAP, SHSM).


Pathways definition: "Pathways - One of five avenues a secondary school student can pursue after graduation. Those five avenues include: Apprenticeship, College, Community, University, Workplace."


Contact our Pathways Coordinator at [email protected]

You can also find us on Twitter @AMDSBPathways