Course Calendars

Course calendars vary by school. Please select a secondary school to see their most recently updated course calendar. 


myBlueprint is a platform that supports education and career/life planning for students in all grades.

Students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 6 will explore the All About Me portal. There, they can reflect on and apply their learning in class. It will help them learn more about who they are and what skills they are developing. 

Students in grades 7 through 12 will engage in the Individual Pathways Plan portal. This portal will support transitions in secondary school through course registration as well as post-secondary planning. 

Other student supports that can be found in myBlueprint are: 

  • Creating reflections on classroom work in various forms (video, photo, text, etc.)
  • Supporting student work through an E-portfolio
  • Post-secondary planning through the following pathways: Apprenticeships, College, University, Workplace
  • Goal setting
  • Resume and cover letter writing support
  • Job search portal
  • Financial literacy