Community Involvement Report (form for students)

Community Involvement

  • The graduation requirement includes 40 hours of community involvement activities.
  • At the principal’s discretion, schools may waive the restrictions that do not allow students to earn hours during the time allotted for the instructional program on a school day, or duties normally performed in the home (e.g., walking a younger child to and from school, helping younger siblings with school work).
  • Students aged 14 years and older can count up to a maximum of 10 hours from paid employment towards their earned hours only if completed before September 1, 2023. Students counting paid employment earned before September 1, 2023 towards their graduation requirement will be required to complete a reflection exercise indicating how their work contributed to the service for others (form is also posted below for download).
  • For details about the full graduation requirements please visit our Graduation Requirements page