Community E-Flyers

This site contains links to information and resources in the community that may be of interest to Avon Maitland District School Board students and their families. These resources are posted because they comply with the board’s criteria for distributing materials (see below for details).

Inclusion here does not represent an endorsement or recommendation by the AMDSB; it is intended to be shared as information only.

Activities and Camps (Summer, PA Day) for Students

Extracurricular Activities

Family Events

Nothing posted at this time.

Job Opportunities, Scholarships, Competitions, etc. for Students

Information for Parents

Criteria for Inclusion on this Page

Materials for distribution must:

  • Comply with all AMDSB policies and procedures
  • Comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code (Be respectful of all faiths, races and ethnic backgrounds)
  • Be of educational or cultural benefit to students, support curriculum or extra-curricular activities for students
  • Be received electronically in PDF format
  • Be AODA-compliant (see below)
  • Be non-commercial in nature

Preference will be given to materials from non-profit, charitable organizations in Huron and Perth Counties.

Accessibility/AODA compliance

In accordance with our Accessibility Plan, all flyers posted to our website must be AODA-compliant. Please refer to these guides when creating or editing your document:

We will do an accessibility check of each document before posting it. If not compliant, we will notify the organization and invite them to fix any accessibility issues and return the updated document to us for posting.

Request to share your flyer

Non-profit organizations and community partners are invited to submit their flyer two weeks in advance of the desired date of online distribution.

Approval process

All requests must follow the criteria for posting (see above).

Please email your request, along with an electronic PDF of the material to be distributed to It may take up to two weeks for the flyer to be posted so please give plenty of notice.

The Communications department will review and determine whether the material is appropriate for the Board website.

If approved, the information will be posted on this page.

Expiration dates will be set for each flyer.

Questions/Requests regarding the distribution of materials should be directed to:

The Avon Maitland District School Board Communications team: