Riverside Rural Learning


Riverside strives to provide flexible academic programming to students and families from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, including but not limited to Low German speaking families, students from local private Christian schools, and students who were previously homeschooled. Program staff will support students and families in working towards individualized goals through a blended learning environment.

A variety of courses and instructional locations are available to students in order to meet your learning needs, whether it is for Ontario Secondary School Diploma, or exploring areas of interest.


Riverside staff will work with you to set up an individual plan that suits your needs and interests. In-person academic support is offered throughout Huron and Perth counties. Locations vary based on student location and need. Current and past student support locations have included local secondary schools, elementary schools, community recreation complexes, public libraries, and churches. COVID-19 protocols may affect locations for the current school year.


All courses are delivered as eLearning credits through the D2L platform. Course offerings through the Riverside program may change from year to year.  Courses that are not offered through Riverside are available to students through the Avon Maitland District E-learning Centre (AMDEC) or through the Ontario e-Learning Consortium (OeLC).  To view the course offerings for the 2023/24 school year please see the Riverside course calendar. Students who are engaged in eLearning credits through AMDEC or the OeLC can still access academic support from the Riverside staff.

Registration Information

To express interest in registering for the Riverside program:

  1. Complete pre-registration to attend Listowel District Secondary School using the forms found on the School Registration page.
  2. If you live outside of the AMDSB catchment area, please complete a request to attend an AMDSB school border cross form and send it to Sarah VanAaken at [email protected]
  3. If you live within the AMDSB catchment area but outside of the North Perth area, please complete a request to border cross form and send it to Sarah VanAaken at [email protected]
  4. Email Riverside staff to complete the application form. They can be reached at: Michelle Kuepfer - [email protected] or Andrea Gerber - [email protected].

Please note that the completion of the registration steps above does not guarantee entry into the Riverside Learning program. Notification of acceptance or placement on the waitlist will be shared with families once the committee has met to review applications.