Apple / iPad Help (Software/Hardware)

When you turn on your device for the first time you should see this screen: Image of login/password for Active Directory
Use your Active Directory account to sign in:
  • [email protected]
  • First four letters of your first name
  • First four letters of your last name
  • 3 digits from your OEN (Ontario Education Number)
Use your Active Directory password to sign in:
Password field for Active Directory login
  • If you don’t remember your password use the reset tool located here 
  • If this tool does not work, please submit a tech support form (bottom of this page)

Continue with the prompts by hitting Begin (once your device registers, Ipad device settings set up
a checkmark will appear beside the "Get your device managed")
Click Continue (this will confirm the device settings and a checkmark will appear beside the update device settings)
The "Company Portal" (see details below) will make you aware of
Company portal settings
Click OK
A popup will appear. Click Allow
The Company Portal is a catalogue of approved and supported apps available from the Avon Maitland District School Board can be seen in the Company Portal app.

Google apps (including Read&Write) will push automatically.

Apps like GarageBand and Numbers will not be pushed but will still be available to download in the Company Portal. No Apple ID is required.

To Find An App

Click on View All Apps, this will open the portal and show you
Company Portal apps main page
the Apps that have been approved by AMDSB.
When you need an App, find the icon of the App and press it.

When the Information about the App appears, press Install.
The Settings Icon located on your iPad home screen is
ipad with several apps with the 'settings' icon circled
where you will find information about your iPad.
Once you have chosen the Settings Icon, along the left side of the screen is a list of menu items. Choose General, now the General screen will appear and you can choose About.
Software Version will tell you the iOS (iPad Operating System) that your device is using. We suggest that you keep your device’s iOS up to date.
The Serial Number is a 12 digit number. Sometimes we ask for the Serial Number so that we know the age of your device and also to help us with resolve some other issues that may arise.
ipad settings menu showing 'About'
The Settings Icon located on your iPad home screen is where you will find information about your iPad.

In the Settings, you will find the Wi-Fi Menu. When you choose the Wi-Fi Menu, you can turn off or on the Wi-Fi with the toggle button at the top. When the Wi-Fi is on (green) you can then see the available networks that you can choose from.
When you find the correct network, you can choose it and it will prompt you for the password to your Wi-Fi network.
ipad settings displaying "Wifi settings"
The Apps that you may need can be found in the 
company portal icon
Company Portal that has been provided by the Board.
If you have any questions about the Company Portal,