Board Policy 16: Selection of the Director

Legal References

Education Act: Section 279 Supervisory Officers and Director of Education – District School Boards; Education Act: Section 283 Chief Executive Officer; Education Act: Section 286 Duties of Supervisory Officers; O. Reg. 309: Supervisory Officers; O. Reg. 184/97 Teachers Qualifications: Part V Qualifications of Supervisory Officers; Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Avon Maitland District School Board recognizes the importance of appointing a highly effective system leader to implement the work of the board. When selecting a Director of Education, the board will seek a Chief Education Officer/Chief Executive Officer who will consider the needs of students as the key mission of the organization.

The board needs a Director who will promote a commitment to students and to student learning, achievement and well-being. The Director must provide educational leadership, and demonstrate fiscal responsibility, successful organizational and personnel management, and strategic planning. The Director will provide system leadership, establish positive working relations with the board members and maintain valuable communications with students, staff members and the community.

The Director must uphold the Strategic Plan of the Board and the Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-being (BIPSAW). The Director will demonstrate leadership in attracting and retaining quality staff members. The Director will develop effective communications with all stakeholders to promote and protect public education in the district and in Ontario.
Avon Maitland District School Board is committed to the establishment of selection procedures for the Director’s position, which capture the complexity of the workplace and provide practical multi-criteria assessments of the degree to which the candidates possess the knowledge, skills and attributes of a successful system leader.

Avon Maitland District School Board shall recruit and select a candidate for the position of Director of Education who is expected to exhibit strong, responsive, dedicated and knowledgeable administrative leadership for the district. The Director of Education will ensure effective and efficient use of board resources.

1. The Selection Process

1.1 When it is known that the position of Director of Education will become vacant, the board shall establish an ad hoc Director’s Selection Committee. The Director’s Selection Committee shall consist of all the members of the board. The Chair of the Board or designate shall chair the Director’s Selection Committee.

1.2 All meetings of the ad hoc Director’s Selection Committee shall be in Closed Session with board members only. In keeping with our Code of Conduct, no questions will be answered in public about the process except with the statement, “It is a confidential process and cannot be discussed.”

2. Determination of Recruitment Method

2.1 The Director’s Selection Committee shall consider which process to undertake in the recruitment process, from the list of four processes deemed compliant with the Board’s Procurement Administrative Procedures.

2.2 When considering which process to undertake, the Director’s Selection Committee shall consider the importance of maintaining objectivity during the process, the expertise available within the committee, and where the committee needs support during the process, such as advertising, reference gathering, interview preparation, etc. When choosing the process that allows the use of a recruitment firm, the committee should carefully consider the attributes desired in the recruitment firm in order to ensure alignment between the values of the board and the successful firm.

2.3 The four options available are as follows:

2.3.1 A non-competitive selection of a reputable recruitment firm. This option requires a board motion to bypass the board’s competitive procurement rules.

2.3.2 An open, competitive procurement of a recruitment firm using a Request for Proposal (RFP) process facilitated by the Procurement Services Department. This option requires a board motion to approve the selection of the successful recruitment firm. See Administrative Procedure (AP) 517 Purchasing Authority for further information on this process.

2.3.3 A competitive procurement of a recruitment firm by utilizing the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) Vendor of Record for
Executive/Talent Search Services. This option requires a board motion to approve the selection of the successful recruitment firm. See the Ontario Government’s MGCS Supply Chain website for further information about this process.

2.3.4 In exceptional circumstances a job posting process undertaken by the Committee using the procedures in place per the Human Resource Services Departments standards.

3. Recruitment Process

3.1 Once the method of recruitment has been determined, the following steps shall be followed:

3.1.1 If the committee uses a firm it may ask the successful firm to perform any of the duties outlined in this policy. References below to the ‘Recruiter’ can be read as the ‘Selection Committee’ or as ‘Recruiter, in consultation with the Committee, as appropriate.

3.1.2 Establish tentative timelines for the various aspects of the process, including advertising, application deadline, short listing, interviews, reference checks,
decision and start date.

3.1.3 Review the existing Board Policy 3 Director of Education and Secretary of the Board Job Description to determine if any changes are required or desired. This document will be distributed to applicants. Review other public documents that applicants may access such as the Strategic Plan and the website to confirm an accurate reflection of the Avon Maitland DSB.

3.1.4 Review the current Director’s existing contract with the board lawyer, and create a draft contract by looking at the existing contract and gathering information on Ministry regulations and what is competitive to determine the parameters of the negotiations with the successful applicant. Review the draft contract with the board lawyer.

4. The Screening Process

4.1 Applications shall be submitted by letter with an attached résumé indicating experience, education and references with the appropriate releases under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In addition, candidates may be requested to submit a paper of approximately two typewritten pages indicating their concept of the role of a Director of Education, or other topic as determined by the Director’s Selection Committee.

4.2 The Recruiter will study all submissions from all candidates, contact references as applicable, and select an appropriate number of candidates for further consideration (a ‘long-list’). The Director’s Selection Committee will review these ‘long-list’ candidates and determine a ‘short-list’ for interviews.

5. Candidates Selected for an Interview

5.1 In preparation for the interview or interviews, the Recruiter will contact references as appropriate. The Director’s Selection Committee will review the achievements of each of the candidates to be interviewed and also study the skills, knowledge and personal characteristics of the candidates as determined by the submissions and on-site visits, if such visits were made.

5.2 The Director’s Selection Committee will prepare interview questions that can be used to determine the suitability of the candidates for the Director’s role. The criteria must be entirely consistent with the terms of Board Policy 3 Director of Education and Secretary of the Board Job Description.

5.3 Final consideration will include an interview of all short-listed candidates and a review of all information gathered to date. If necessary, a second interview may be undertaken. The successful candidate requires the support of at least a two-thirds majority of the Director’s Selection Committee.

6. Negotiations with Selected Candidate

6.1. Once the successful candidate is determined, the candidate may be so informed, and the Chair of the Board, or designate, will begin negotiations over the contract. Time is given for the candidate to seek an outside opinion. Any changes are reviewed by the board lawyer.

6.2 The unsuccessful candidates are informed by the Recruiter following a procedure determined by the Director’s Selection Committee.

7. Director’s Selection Committee Decision

7.1. Once contract negotiations are concluded and Ministry approval has been received, the Director’s Selection Committee shall make a recommendation in open session that the board hire the successful candidate to the Avon Maitland District School Board.

8. Appointment of Director of Education and Secretary of the Board

8.1 The board members resolve to appoint the candidate as Director of Education and Secretary of the Board.
8.2 The board motion shall include the start date.
8.3 The status of the contract is noted in the motion. If a contract is not yet finalized, a later motion to accept the contract is required.
Revised June 2017