Board Policy 11: Board Representatives

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OPSBA’s Constitution and By-Laws

In response to requests from external organizations or agencies, the board will give consideration to naming representatives to external positions. Such representation is established at the discretion of the board to facilitate the exchange of information or collaborative agreements on matters of mutual concern.

Co-operative committees shall function within the terms of reference determined by the committee and approved by both parties.

The following committees shall have board representation:

1. Ontario Public School Boards Association (OPSBA)

Avon Maitland District School Board appoints a Director and an alternate Director to OPSBA each year, following the election process set out in Sections 1.5 and 1.6 of Board Policy 9 Board Governance By-Laws.

1.1 Purpose:
The OPSBA Director shall serve as the Avon Maitland District School Board (AMDSB) representative on the Board of Directors of OPSBA and attend meetings of the OPSBA Board of Directors to speak on behalf of, and represent the views of AMDSB.

1.2 Powers and Duties:
The OPSBA Director shall:
    1. Attend OPSBA meetings;
    2. Represent the board’s positions and interests at OPSBA;
    3. Report to AMDSB on matters at OPSBA;
    4. Be the OPSBA voting delegate; and
    5. Attend other OPSBA meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. as appropriate, to represent AMDSB for the benefit of OPSBA and/or the benefit of AMDSB.
The OPSBA alternate Director shall:
    1. Perform duties as assigned by the OPSBA Director when they are unable to represent AMDSB at OPSBA events.
One board member and one alternate as elected shall be appointed to OPSBA. If neither the OPSBA Director nor the alternate are able to attend an OPSBA meeting, the board may appoint a representative in their place.
Meetings will be as called by OPSBA.

2. Foundation for Education, Perth-Huron

Avon Maitland District School Board formally appoints one board member as a member of the Foundation for Education, Perth Huron, following the selection process set out in Section 2 of Board Policy 10 Committees of the Board.

2.1 Purpose:
The Foundation for Education is a charitable organization that supports education in Huron and Perth counties through a wide variety of activities in the arts, life skills and diversity. The Foundation’s major partner is the Avon Maitland District School Board, whose students are supported by the Foundation through its curriculum enrichment programming, classroom grants and fundraising support. It assists schools with fundraising campaigns, receipt donations to schools and accesses grants for schools that are not available for school boards.

The Foundation board guides the work of the Foundation for Education, in support of its mission: To develop, support and encourage the integration of the rich and unique cultural, corporate, industrial and agricultural resources of Huron and Perth counties into the school system and initiate new educational enrichment programs to benefit students and citizens.

One board member will serve on the board, which also includes community members.

The Foundation meets a minimum of five times per year.

3. Huron Perth Student Transportation Steering Committee (HPSTS)

Avon Maitland District School Board formally appoints two board members as members of the Steering Committee following the selection process set out in Section 2 of Board Policy 10 Committees of the Board.

3.1 Purpose:
    1. To review and recommend improvements and changes to the HPSTS agreement, especially with respect to strategic planning
    2. To review and approve the annual HPSTS administrative operation and capital budgets
    3. To review and approve HPSTS policies
    4. To mediate and resolve any unresolved issues with regards to the Consortium
    5. To refer issues of the Consortium to member boards
    6. To keep the board informed of the work of the Steering Committee
One Superintendent of business from each board
Two board members from each board (Avon Maitland DSB and Huron Perth Catholic DSB)
Transportation Manager of HPSTS
Director of Education from each board will act as a non-voting resource to the committee
Meetings will be as called by the HPSTS
Revised October 2018