Administrative Procedure 483: Recruitment of Supervisory Officers

Legal References

Education Act: Part XI Supervisory Officers

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1. Recruiting and Selecting Supervisory Candidates

Avon Maitland District School Board shall recruit and select candidates for the position of supervisory officer to maintain a senior administration which is strong, responsive, dedicated, knowledgeable and flexible in order to best serve the needs of the district for senior level management.

2. Administrative Procedures

The process to be followed in the recruitment of a supervisory officer for Avon Maitland District School Board shall be:

2.1 The board shall determine the complement of supervisory officers in consideration of the recommendation of the Director of Education.

2.2 Where a supervisory officer position becomes vacant or is created, applications shall be solicited through advertisements as deemed appropriate by the Director of Education.

2.3 Applications for the position shall be directed to the Director of Education or designate, through the district’s normal job competition procedures.

2.4 The Chair, Vice-Chair, Director of Education and a senior administrator (or administrators) selected by the Director will review the applications and determine a short list of candidates to be interviewed.

2.5 The selection team described in Section 2.4 shall determine if it would be useful to include other leadership criteria, in addition to the interview, as part of the selection process.

2.6 Examples of such additional criteria include:
    1. A request for the candidates to prepare a position paper on some issue of educational significance;
    2. A role-playing activity in which each candidate is presented with a practical problem to solve;
    3. A site visit to the workplace of each candidate; and/or
    4.  Other evidence of leadership ability.
2.7 Applicants selected for an interview shall be interviewed by members of the board and the Director of Education and appropriate staff as designated by the Director. The selection team will plan a consistent and fair interview process.

2.8 The questions to be asked in the interview will be agreed upon by the selection team prior to any interviews taking place and a method of ranking the responses will be determined.

2.9 During the interview each candidate will be asked the same questions, by the same member of the team, in the same order. Each member of the team will take detailed notes of the candidates’ responses. Follow-up questions will be noted. At the conclusion of the interview the candidate will be given the opportunity to make a concluding statement.

2.10 The selection team shall discuss the ranking of all responses to the interview. The team will also consider each candidate’s qualifications, resume, and the quality of each candidate’s responses to any additional criteria used as part of the selection process.

2.11 The selection team shall recommend the successful candidate to the full board following the appropriate final review of references and qualifications.
Issued 2006