Administrative Procedure 469: Occasional Teacher List

Legal References

Education Act: Section (1.1) Definition of Occasional Teacher; Education Act: Section 264 Duties of Teacher; R.R.O. Reg. 298 Operation of Schools: Section 11 Duties of Principals - Organization and Management of the School; Ontario College of Teachers Act; Occasional Teacher Collective Agreements

Related References

1. Listing of Qualified Occasional Teachers

This administrative procedure provides direction for establishing a current listing of qualified occasional teachers.

2. Administrative Procedures

2.1 Applications for occasional teaching shall be received by the human resources department. Prior to being approved for the occasional teacher list, an applicant will be interviewed in the manner directed by the human resources department. The list of approved occasional teachers for use in the schools will be created and distributed by the human resources department.

2.2 Only occasional teachers listed on the approved list may be utilized in the schools, except with the prior approval of the Superintendent of Education (Human Resource Services). Approval for the use of an unqualified occasional teacher must be received from the Superintendent of Education (Human Resource Services), to ensure actions are in accordance with regulatory and Ontario College of Teachers requirements. Occasional teachers may only be engaged to replace a teacher.

2.3 The principal shall report unsatisfactory performance by an occasional teacher to the human resources department immediately.

2.4 Terms and conditions of employment for occasional teachers are detailed in the applicable Collective Agreement.
Amended October 2019