Administrative Procedure 454: Awards, Board Nominations

Legal References

Education Act Section 285 Chief Executive Officer: Maintain an Effective Organization

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1. Recognition

1.1 Avon Maitland District School Board recognizes the value of the many positive contributions to student learning made each year by individuals and groups throughout the district.

1.2 The board and director of education acknowledge that one means of demonstrating appreciation for contributions of exceptional merit is to nominate individuals and groups for awards.

1.3 The director of education recognizes that there is a need for a fair process for determining board-endorsed nominations, which will ensure that individuals and groups across the district have access to board-endorsed nominations.

2. Administrative Procedures

2.1 The chair of the board, in consultation with the vice-chair, and with the support and input of senior staff and principals, will be responsible for recommending to the board the names of nominees for awards.

2.2 The director of education will name two representatives from senior staff and one representative each from the elementary and secondary principals’ organizations to participate in the nomination process for awards.

2.3 The chair will forward names of the nominees to the board for the annual awards that are deemed appropriate to come from the board, including awards for exceptional contribution to the district or to a school or several schools.

2.4 Nominations for contributions to individual schools may also be made by the schools.

2.5 Nominations will be routinely considered each year for the following:
    1. OSSTF Provincial Lamp of Learning Award (March deadline)
    2. OSSTF District 8 / Avon Maitland District School Board—Excellence in Education award (late March deadline)
    3. OPSBA awards (late April deadline)
    4. Jack A. MacDonald Award of Merit (Student Award)
    5. The Fred L. Bartlett Memorial Award (Teacher Award)
    6. Bernadine Yackman Memorial Award (Trustee Award)
    7. Dr. Harry Paikin Award of Merit (Trustee Award)
    8. OPSBA Achievement Award (non-teaching staff, parents, volunteers and community partners)
2.6 Information on additional award opportunities relevant to a board-endorsement that arise during the year will be forwarded by the director of education to the chair. On the request of two members of the committee, the chair will consult with the vice-chair and representative staff to discuss potential nominations. These additional award opportunities may also, or alternatively, be forwarded by the director of education to schools for their consideration of making nominations directly from the school.

2.7 Recommendations for nominations for awards will be reported to the board as a Chair’s Action Report.

2.8 As such nominations are in themselves recognition of merit to the nominees, nominees will be honoured with a “Good News” report to the board and a media release.
Issued 2006