Administrative Procedure 403: Confidentiality of Medical Records

Legal References

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

1. Purpose

To ensure that there is only one copy of any medical documentation pertaining to an employee and to ensure that is stored in a secure location in order to protect the employee’s privacy.

2. Responsibilities of the Superintendent of Human Resources, or Designate

2.1. Employee medical records received by the Superintendent of Education (Human Resources), or designate, are kept in strictest confidence by the Superintendent of Education (Human Resources) or designate.

2.2 Active employee’s medical records are maintained separately from the respective Human Resources file. Inactive medical records are scanned and saved to a secure electronic file.

2.3 The Superintendent of Education (Human Resources), or designate(s), is/are responsible for all employee medical records and WSIB claim records and is the only person who shall have access to these records. The WSIB claim records may consist of non-medical and medical records and these shall be handled in a manner consistent with the provisions of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.

2.4 An employee may request information contained in their medical records by contacting Superintendent of Education (Human Resource Services), or designate. Photocopies of specific information shall be given to the employee upon written request.

2.5 No information from an employee’s medical records is given to a third party without the employee’s written consent, unless required by law. If required by law, the
Superintendent of Education (Human Resource Services) or designate, shall notify the employee.

2.6 The confidential nature of all personal and medical information provided by the employee or their treating practitioner(s) to the school board will be respected by all involved parties.

2.7 The medical records of former employees are retained for ten (10) years. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board records are to be retained for ten (10) years and records of employees exposed to regulated substances are retained permanently.
February 2015