Administrative Procedure 397: Student Senator Election Process

Legal References

Education Act: Section 55 Student Trustees; Bill 78 Education Statute Law Amendment Act (Student Performance), 2006: Section 6; O. Reg. 354/18 Student Trustees (amending O. Reg. 7/07 Student Trustees)

Related References

1.0 Background

This administrative procedure has been developed to create structure and parity across the Avon Maitland District School Board. This procedure will allow all secondary schools in the board to have a comparable student senator election process.

2.0 Application Process and Eligibility to Hold Office

2.1 Each school community is responsible for identifying appropriate applicants for the student senator position, using a school specific application process. This process should involve the students, school administration and teaching staff in order to ensure the identification of a wide range of potential candidates.

2.2 If the current senator resigns or fails to maintain regular attendance (absent for three meetings without legitimate excuse) the Students’ Council, in consultation with the school administration, is responsible for finding a replacement senator using the same process described in 2.1 and 3.1 of this Administrative Procedure.

2.3 The Student Senator position is open to all students who are in compliance with the Education Act, Section 55 Representation of Pupils on School Boards, Section 6 of Bill 78 Education Statute Law Amendment Act (Student Performance), 2006 and Ontario Regulation 7/07 Student Trustees. That is, the student is enrolled full-time in the senior division at the secondary school that they represent.

3.0 Student Senator Election

3.1 The Student Senator shall be elected or acclaimed by the current students’ council and the sitting Student Senator no later than the last day of February of each school year for a one-year term of office, and not later than April 30th each year for a two-year term of office.
3.2 The vote shall be conducted by secret ballot and the voting procedures must be supervised by the principal or their designate.

4.0 Student Trustee Elections

4.1 Student Senators may self-nominate, or they may be nominated by another Senator, to be considered for one of the two positions of Student Trustee.
4.2 Student Trustee candidates may make a brief presentation to their peers prior to the vote taking place.
4.3 The balloting process must be supervised by a staff member who has been appointed to act as a liaison for the Student Senators.
4.4 The Student Trustees must be elected by the newly appointed Student Senators before the 30th of April in the year previous to beginning their term as Student Senators/Trustees.
Issued 2006