Administrative Procedure 396: School Functions - Senior Staff Attendance

Legal References

Education Act: Section 286 (1) (c) Duties of Supervisory Officers—Visit Schools

Related References

1. Invitations to Senior Staff

This administrative procedure has been established to provide a guideline for principals regarding the proper procedure to follow when inviting senior staff to attend school functions.

2. Administrative Procedures

2.1 For Commencement/Graduation ceremonies, principals should refer to Administrative Procedure 395 Graduations and Commencements: Protocol for Invitations.
2.2 In most instances, the regional supervisory official for a school will represent the senior staff at school functions, and the invitation should be sent to the regional supervisory official.
2.3 In order to facilitate multiple invitations, when a school wishes to invite additional members of senior staff to a school function, the invitations shall be sent through the director’s office.
Issued 2006