Administrative Procedure 355: Student Dress Code

Legal References

Education Act: Section 265 Duties of Principal; Education Act: Part XIII Behaviour, Discipline and Safety; Guideline - Ontario Schools Code of Conduct; Ontario Human Rights Code; Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Related References

1. The Director of Education has established this administrative procedure to ensure that individual schools establish a student dress code regarding appropriate dress for students.

2. Implementation

Principals will ensure that a consultation process is in place and that school procedures and guidelines address the following requirements:

2.1 Parents are encouraged to be extensively involved, and be active, in the consultative process regarding school dress codes through their school councils.
2.2 The school’s statement of principles which forms the basis of the school’s student dress code will relate to fostering a safe and respectful learning and teaching environment.
2.3 The school’s student dress code will be consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (e.g. disability, religious beliefs).
2.5 Expectations will be stated for student compliance with the school’s student dress code (e.g. appropriate dress, dress code or school uniforms) and will take into consideration local circumstances and the principal’s authority under the Education Act.
2.6 Should a school propose a school uniform, a majority of families (defined as 75% of the families of registered students in the school) must approve the proposal prior to implementation. Each family shall have one vote.
2.7 Issues of affordability will be addressed in the process. No student will be denied access to school as a result of inability to afford appropriate clothing required by a school’s student dress code. The board is not responsible for any cost of implementing a school’s student dress code.
2.8 Each school will periodically review the school’s student dress code. This review process shall include consultation with the school council.
Revised June 2017