Administrative Procedure 306: Early Learning/Kindergarten Registration

Legal References

Education Act: Part II, School Attendance, Section 34: (1) Kindergarten; (2) Junior Kindergarten; (3) Beginners Class; Education Act: Part VI, Boards Duties and Powers, Section 170: (6) Provide Instruction and Accommodation; (6.1) Kindergarten; (7) Special Education Program and Services; Education Act: Part VI, Boards Duties and Powers, Transportation, Section 190; Immunization of School Pupils Act; O. Reg. 224/10 Full Day Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten; Ministry of Education Policy/Program Memorandum 161 Supporting Children and Students with Prevalent Medical Conditions

Related References

1. Purposes

1.1. To apply a consistent procedure for kindergarten registration to be used in all elementary schools in the Avon Maitland District School Board.
1.2. To ensure a timely reporting of potential enrollment growth so as to assist in the staffing in elementary schools.
1.3. To inform parents, guardians and community partner agencies of the board’s registration process and information requirements.

2. Definitions

2.1 Kindergarten Registration: Registration of children who will be attending school for the first time in Junior or Senior Kindergarten.
2.2 Calling All Three Year Old's (CATYO): Represents the Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Early Identification partnership which supports kindergarten registration.

3. The Registration Process

3.1 The registration event involves parents/guardians completing all necessary forms (including Form 302A Student Registration Form) as well as other activities, with their child, that support welcoming children and families with the transition into the school system (for example the Before and After School Program Survey). Parents must provide proof of the child’s legal name and date of birth at the time of registration. Acceptable documents are outlined in AP302 Student Enrolment.

3.2 Administration and/or office staff should take note of the prevalent medical or other health conditions that have been stated on the registration form. Follow Administrative Procedure 314 Supporting Students with Prevalent Medical Conditions in Schools.

3.3 The registration event provides families with access to a developmental screening completed by community partners, who can then support student growth prior to kindergarten entry via a referral process.

4. System-level Responsibility:

4.1 Identification of a common kindergarten registration period in the month of November to welcome first time kindergarten children and families into school.

4.2 Publication of the registration dates for each school site provided to school administrators early in the school year for the November registration schedule.

4.3 Notification to the general public of the registration dates and specific school sites beginning in October through local media, the AMDSB website, and through school newsletters and websites.

4.4 Community partners provide CATYO school posters to the board for distribution through the Primary Program Coordinator. These posters are also displayed in the community.

4.5 Delivery of support to new administrators and secretarial staff to introduce the kindergarten registration procedure and to provide an overview of kindergarten initiatives, where requested.

4.6 Review of the kindergarten registration procedure and timelines every spring by CATYO and program team members and supported by the Superintendent of Education (Program) to discuss best practices to ensure that most welcoming approaches are shared.

4.7 Ongoing support to schools from the Primary Program Coordinator.

4.8 Continued CATYO committee involvement in the planning, execution, and reflection of kindergarten registration events.

5. Schedule of Events

5.1 June/Early September

5.1.1 The board team will meet to choose the registration model, dates and times for November registration, considering size of school, geographic region, special dates etc.

5.1.2 Distribution and confirmation of the November kindergarten registration calendar detailing date, time, and location for registration events to elementary school principals and to CATYO partners.

5.1.3 Notification to District Health Units of registration calendar via the CATYO Coordinator. Continued collaboration on process and procedures.

5.1.4 Establishment of projected enrolment numbers for CATYO schools.

5.2 September/October

5.2.1 Registration packages forwarded to schools for distribution to families (Retain Nipissing Screens and AMDSB Consents for Exchange of Information for registration event at the school).

5.2.2 Advertisements announcing November registration arranged through the Manager of Communications (e.g., board website, local newspapers), CATYO, and at school level through monthly newsletter/website.

5.2.3 CATYO System Memorandum will be released, providing an overview of CATYO expectations and responsibilities, as well as additional pertinent information.

5.3 October

5.3.1 Individual registration packages provided to families through the school.

5.3.2 Appointment Schedule for attending the registration event completed by school administration staff. Information is to be shared with CATYO Coordinator who will assign screeners for the supported Nipissing Screen and link with other agencies participating in registration.

5.3.3 School team determines registration logistics (location in school, passport system, take home bags for children, healthy snacks) supported by CATYO Coordinator and Primary Program Coordinator.

5.3.4 School Principal notifies System Principal of Learning Services of any registrant who may qualify for Learning Services support.

5.4 November

5.4.1 Registration for junior and senior kindergarten students takes place in every school as per schedule.

5.4.2 Principal notifies System Principal of Learning Services of any new registrants who may qualify for Learning Services support.

5.5 December through June

5.5.1 When contacted by parents about additional kindergarten registrants, school administrators complete the registration forms and provide parents with access to supported Nipissing Screen information.
5.5.2 County Health Units will return Nipissing packages (the Screen, the AMDSB Consent for Exchange of Information, the Parent Follow-up Report) to the Primary Program Coordinator for distribution to schools. After teacher and administrator examination of results, insert forms into OSR.
5.5.3 The Information Services Manager, Superintendents, and/or the Primary Program Coordinator will regularly request current kindergarten or Full-Day Kindergarten enrollment figures.
5.5.4 Orientation activities and information meetings for new students and their families are school responsibilities; bus safety programs provided as required through Transportation Manager.
5.5.5 New registration data must be entered into Maplewood by February 1, including the full addressing information so that the Transportation
department can begin their process.
5.5.6 If a child attends a CATYO, but does not register at the school by September, those Nipissing Summary Forms and Nipissing Screens are to be sent back to the Primary Program Coordinator for tracking of student whereabouts.

6. Newspaper and Other Advertisements

6.1 The advertisements will appear in each district’s weekly newspaper and/or daily where applicable.
6.2 Principals also communicate using newsletters, e-mail, website and public notices in their local community.
6.3 CATYO partners will communicate to their vested parties.
6.4 Newspaper and website advertising will be coordinated by the Manager of Communications.

7. Guidelines

7.1 Registration is to take place at the child’s home school.
7.2 Students attending Junior Kindergarten do not re-register for Senior Kindergarten.
7.3 Kindergarten Border Crossing – Please see Student Enrolment AP 302 for enrolment details and border crossing procedures.
7.4 Registration forms and resources will be sent to schools by the end of September which will then be provided to families intending to register a child for Kindergarten through the CATYO event or following the CATYO event. Each package includes the following:
    1. Student Registration Form (302A)
    2. Welcome to Kindergarten letter from Director of Education
    3. Immunization Information for School Entry (provided by Perth District Health Unit or by Huron County Health Unit, located in Information and Resources, School Operations Forms)
    4. Request for Border Crossing Form 302B (if requested)
    5. Kindergarten Registration Parent Questionnaire
7.5 Each package may include additional resources and information supporting school entry and readiness as deemed appropriate by the board and the CATYO partners.
7.6 Immunization requirements are strict. The Immunization of School Pupils Act requires every child who attends school in Ontario must have proof of immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella. Parents are required to provide information about their child’s immunization prior to school entry. Requests for exemption from immunization for medical, religious, or conscience reasons must be addressed to the appropriate District Health Unit. Any child not meeting the requirements may be suspended from school.
Revised February 2013