Administrative Procedure 268: Competitions Beyond the Local Level

Legal References

Ontario Regulation 298 Operation of Schools Section 11 Duties of Principals - Supervise Instruction, Supervision of Any School Activity; Section 20 Duties of Teachers: Ensure All Reasonable Safety Precautions; Ontario Regulation 565 Health Protection and Promotion Act; Ontario Physical Health and Education Association (OPHEA) Ontario Safety Guidelines

Related References

1. Support for Competitions

Events sponsored by O.F.S.A.A., W.O.S.S.A.A., (non-invitational tournaments) and participation in athletics, music, drama and/or other competitions beyond the local district level may be supported by a school-based specially designated fund.

2. Budget Procedures

2.1 The budget is developed annually by an ad hoc committee of administration and secondary principals and is not cumulative. Overages will be charged to the school’s allocation.
2.2 The principal may disburse money from the fund for expenses related to competitions, which meet the criteria in 1.1 above. The principal shall be assured that the caliber of competition provides an educational experience, which is worthy of support from the fund.
2.3 The principal must keep documentation of disbursements on file for inspection by a member of senior staff. Use of Form 268, Competitions Beyond the Local Level: Expense Support, to authorize payments should help principals track the necessary documentation.
2.4 Should any principal experience an exceptional draw on the funds in any school year, the only recourse to additional funds is through the secondary principals group.
Reviewed December 2014