Administrative Procedure 250: Home and Hospital Instruction

Legal References

R.R.O. Reg. 298 Operation of Schools: Section 11(11) Duties of Principals: Home Instruction

Related References

Administrative Procedure (AP) 204 Program Planning; AP 401 Criminal Background Checks; Form 250A Recommendation for Home or Hospital Instruction; Form 250B Home or Hospital Instruction Payment for Teacher

1. Instruction for Students Unable to Attend School

1.1 The Director of Education has developed these administrative procedures for administering educational instruction to students who are confined to home or hospital under the care of a physician.

1.2 R.R.O. 298 Operation of Schools, Section 11 (11) states:

“A principal, subject to the approval of the appropriate supervisory officer, may arrange for home instruction to be provided for a pupil where,
a) medical evidence that the pupil cannot attend school is provided to the principal; and
b) the principal is satisfied that home instruction is required.”

2. Procedures for Home Instruction

2.1 Home instruction will be provided under the following circumstances:

2.1.1 The student must be enrolled in a school under the jurisdiction of the board.
2.1.2 The student is absent from school because of illness, injury or other medical reason.
2.1.3 Medical evidence is supplied to the principal that the student cannot attend school.
2.1.4 The principal is satisfied that home or hospital instruction is in the best interest of the student.
2.1.5 A plan for transition/re-entry to the school is submitted for long term requests.

2.2 Periods of Instruction

2.2.1 Every student given home or hospital instruction shall receive a minimum of 180 minutes of instruction per week.
2.2.2 The maximum provided by the board shall be 300 minutes of instruction per week for each elementary student, or 600 minutes for each secondary school student.
2.2.3 Under normal circumstances, periods of instruction should not be greater than one hour each in length for elementary and two hours for secondary students. The duration and frequency of periods may vary under special circumstances agreed to by the principal, parents and teacher.
2.2.4 Home or hospital instruction shall not be given on school holidays.

2.3 Establishment of Home or Hospital Instruction

2.3.1 The principal will initiate the provision of home or hospital instruction.
2.3.2 The principal will recommend the provision of home or hospital instruction to the Superintendent of Education (Operations) by completing and submitting Form 250A Recommendation for Home or Hospital Instruction, including the estimated duration of the instruction and the length and frequency of recommended periods.
2.3.3 The required medical evidence in the form of a statement from a qualified physician shall be attached to the principal’s recommendation.
2.3.4 A re-entry plan or transition/return to school must be created for students who are on Home Hospital for longer than three months. This plan should be developed in collaboration with administration, parent(s), physician(s), support workers/counsellors, and the student (depending on the age and stage of maturity).
2.3.5 Home or hospital instruction is approved for a maximum of one term/semester only with provision for the continuation of the instruction pending review and further recommendation by the principal.
2.3.6 Under special circumstances, part-time attendance will be considered in consultation with the Superintendent of Education (Operations). The maximum minutes of instruction per week would be adjusted accordingly.

2.4 Provision of Teacher

2.4.1 Upon receipt of approval for home or hospital instruction, the principal will select a teacher with the appropriate qualifications. Prior to visiting the student, the teacher must submit a criminal background check obtained within the last six (6) months.
2.4.2 If, in consultation with the principal, hospital instruction must be arranged through another board, the Superintendent of Education (Operations) will make the necessary arrangements.
2.4.3 The principal will provide the Superintendent of Education with a monthly statement, signed by the teacher, indicating the name of the student, dates during the month and the number of hours of instruction when instruction was provided.
2.4.4 The Superintendent of Education (Operations) will ensure that the requirements of the regulations have been met and sign the statement.
2.4.5 If services have been arranged through another board, the Superintendent of Education (Operations) will verify the submitted accounts.

2.5 The Program

2.5.1 Where possible, prior to the commencement of home or hospital instruction, the teacher shall visit the student and explain the expectations of the program for the parent and student.
2.5.2 The principal of the school in which the student would ordinarily be enrolled, shall supervise the work of the teacher and shall establish a time for periodic conferences between the teacher and the regular teacher(s), in order that continuity between the home or hospital program and the school program be maintained.

2.6 Rate of Pay for Teachers

2.6.1 The hourly rate to be paid to teachers engaged by the board to provide home or hospital instruction shall be as determined in accordance with the collective agreements in place at the time of the assignment.
2.6.2 The hourly rate shall apply to hours of instruction only, exclusive of travel or planning time.

2.7 Mileage Reimbursement for Teachers

Teachers providing home or hospital instruction will be reimbursed for mileage driven, subject to the following conditions:

2.7.1 Mileage paid to the teacher shall be calculated from the student’s home school to the student’s home and/or hospital and return to the school.
2.7.2 No mileage shall be paid to a teacher for a round-trip less than 5 miles (8 km) in the performance of home or hospital instruction.
2.7.3 At the conclusion of the period of instruction, or at the end of each month, the principal will receive a mileage expense form, Form 250B Home or Hospital Instruction Payment for Teacher, signed by the teacher. The form will list the dates and the distances travelled.

The principal will verify this information and sign the form for forwarding to the Superintendent of Education (Operations).
Revised September 2017