Administrative Procedure 200: Organization for Instruction

Legal References

Education Act: Section 170 Duties and Powers of Boards—including class size, teaching time; Section 265 Duties of Principal; Section 286 Duties of Supervisory Officers; Ontario Regulation 298—Operation of Schools: Section 11 Duties of Principals; Section 20 Duties of Teachers; Ontario Regulation 399/00 Class Size; Ontario Regulation 274/01 Secondary School Teaching Assignments

Related References

The director of education holds the principal accountable for the organization of the plan for instruction in the school.

1. Organization for Instruction

The principal, in consultation with the staff, shall develop a school plan that shall clearly outline the following:
    1. Organization of classes
    2. Organization of teacher assignments
    3. Course offerings of the school
    4. Co-curricular activities

2. Classes and Teaching Assignments

2.1 The function of assigning students to classes shall be the responsibility of the principal in consultation with all staff members affected at that instructional level.

2.2 Classes shall be organized according to provincial legislation related to class size and teaching assignments and collective agreements. [See references above]

2.3 The principal, in consultation with the staff, will consider the most effective groupings of students for instruction for all students. Principals and staff will consider a range of factors, including, but not limited to, academic, emotional and potential social benefits or concerns when placing a child in a given class. The following documents are available to assist the principal and school staff when placing children in combined grade classrooms:
    1. Combined Grades: Strategies to Reach a Range of Learners in Kindergarten to Grade 6, Ministry of Education, 2007
    2. What Works? Research into Practice Research Monograph #9, Combined Grade Classrooms, The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, December 2007
2.4 The principal (for elementary schools only) will communicate in writing with their school community, in the spring of each year, the process that the school staff undertakes when considering class organization and the placement of students in classes.

3. Courses and Co-Curricular Activities

3.1 The principal shall retain on file up-to-date copies of outlines of all courses of study that are taught in the school.
3.2 The principal and staff will plan co-curricular activities to enhance student learning.
Issued 2006