Administrative Procedure 570: Maintenance Repair Care Property

Legal References

Education Act: Section 265 Duties of Principal: Care of Pupils and Property; Education Act: Section 286 Duties of Supervisory Officers: Supervise Buildings and Property; R.R.O. Reg. 298 Operation of Schools: Section 11 (3) (l) Duties of Principals: Inspect School Premises and Report

Related References

1. Reporting Property Issues

This administrative procedure gives direction to school administrators regarding the reporting of maintenance, repair and property issues.

2. Administrative Procedures

2.1 Improvements

To request alterations or upgrades to facilities, principals will submit an e-Base Work Order for review and approval.

2.2 Repairs

2.2.1 Emergency Repairs: The principal/custodian will telephone the appropriate service provider and follow up eBase Work Order.
2.2.2 Preventive Maintenance: The school custodian and appropriate preventive maintenance staff, or designated contractor, will inspect building components and report deficiencies to the facilities services officer.
2.2.3 General Repairs: The facilities services officer will arrange for repairs arising out of the preventive maintenance inspection. All other repairs are to be submitted to the facilities services officer as an e-Base Work Order Request.
2.2.4 Snow Load: The custodian, in consultation with the principal, will check the roof for snow load, record in “daily salting and sanding logs” and notify the facilities services officer who will arrange for snow removal as needed.

2.3 Maintenance

2.3.1 All non-emergency plant maintenance requests are to be recorded and passed to the appropriate custodian for action. If the minor request is beyond the custodian’s capabilities, the principal or custodian will complete an eBase Work Order Request.
2.3.2 The maintenance crew will receive notification of this work order and will schedule repairs based on priority and availability.
Updated July 2021