Administrative Procedure 570: Property and Facilities Alterations and Maintenance

Legal References

Education Act: Section 265 (1) (j) Duties of Principal: Care of Pupils and Property; Education Act: Section 286 (1) (j) Duties of Supervisory Officers: Supervise Buildings and Property; R.R.O. Reg. 298 Operation of Schools: Section 11 (3) (l) Duties of Principals: Inspect School Premises and Report

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1. Purpose and Scope
Property and Facilities Alterations and Maintenance have a broader impact on the operations of a site, as well as the system, including health, safety, equity, and comfort of building occupants. At the same time, fiscal responsibility is a consideration at the forefront. In order to make this a manageable task, the Facilities Department must, where possible, standardize the method of service delivery, the scope of the service delivered, and the extent of the amenities provided.

This administrative procedure directs school administrators and the custodial team regarding reporting maintenance, repair and property issues. All repairs or alterations to board-owned buildings and property must be first submitted to the Facilities Department for approval, regardless of the funding source. This administrative procedure does not apply to rental properties, which are the responsibly of the property owner.

Further, this administrative procedure is intended to ensure:
1.1 Any building alterations and/or maintenance activities occur in an equitable, safe, legal, and accountable manner;
1.2 Communication regarding property and facilities alterations and maintenance are coordinated with or through the Facilities Department;
1.3 That School Administration or other staff do not undertake alterations to buildings without the express consent of the Facilities Maintenance Manager or Facilities Administrator;
1.4 Work is being completed by competent individuals or companies;
1.5 Alterations that conflict with other plans or operational strategies are not undertaken which results in waste;
1.6 Future accommodation plans are not hindered;
1.7 Applicable and appropriate procurement processes are followed; and,
1.8 Budget sources are clearly defined.

2. Administrative Procedures
2.1 General Rules
    1. School and site furniture and equipment is not maintained or repaired by the Facilities department.
    2. Maintenance and repairs to program-related equipment such as running tracks, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, shop equipment are a school expense.
    3. The school or community must first receive permission from the Facilities Administrator to alter or modify buildings or grounds.
    4. Purchases or donations of equipment or furnishings by the school or community that require facility services such as electrical, plumbing etc., must be approved prior to acquisition by the Facilities Administrator.
    5. Only requests approved and/or endorsed by the Principal or Head Custodian will be considered (staff shall not act independently from school Administrator).
2.2 Alterations and Upgrade Request Process
School Administrators or their delegates must submit an eBase Maintenance Work Order for alterations or upgrades to Board buildings or properties, for review and
approval by the Facilities Department. At times, confirmation will be required from the School Superintendent before work proceeds. If approved, the work will then be scheduled based on priority, availability and budget restraints.

If the scope of the approved work is beyond the Facilities Department capabilities, the request will be forwarded onto the capital project planning team for consideration.

2.3 Repair(s) Request Process
Repairs are classified into three categories. The process for each is as defined below:
    1. Emergency Repairs: The principal/custodian will telephone the appropriate service provider as outlined in the “Facilities Emergency Contact” document and follow-up with an eBase Maintenance Work order.
    2. General Repairs: The Maintenance Manager will arrange proactive repairs arising out of the preventive maintenance inspections. All other repairs should be submitted through an eBase Maintenance Work Order by the principal or head custodian. The work will then be scheduled based on priority and availability by appropriate dispatcher.
    3. Safety Repairs: When a building or property condition presents an immediate risk to those on the property and it can’t be isolated to restrict exposure to those on the property, the principal/custodian will make direct contact with the Maintenance Manager and follow-up with an eBase work order.
2.4 Scheduled and Regular Maintenance Process
The Maintenance Manager will manage and schedule preventative maintenance based on manufacturer recommendations, governing authorities and general best
practices for all board-owned buildings and properties. Scheduled and/or regular maintenance categories and processes are as follows:
    1. Building Maintenance, including Preventative Maintenance: The head custodian and appropriate maintenance staff, or designated contractor, will
      inspect building components and report deficiencies to the Maintenance Manager.
    2. Gardens: The school is responsible for maintaining a good appearance and upkeep of all property gardens. If the gardens are beyond the school's ability to manage, the Maintenance Manager will arrange to remove the gardens at the school's expense.
    3. Health and Safety: Principals and Head Custodians are to ensure all maintenance related safety logs are reviewed and completed in a timely manor. This includes such logs found in eBase Logs module, eBase Health and Safety Inspections module Fire Protection Log Book, Well Water O&M Manual, Safe Schools Training Portal, etc.
    4. Playground Maintenance: See Administrative Procedure 530: Outdoor Playspaces and Playground Equipment for details regarding maintenance of these spaces.
    5. Snow Load clearing: The custodian, in consultation with the principal, will check the roof from a safe viewing area and notify the Maintenance Manager who will arrange for snow removal as needed.
Revised January 2023