Administrative Procedure 560: Insurance - Property, Liability and Student Accident

Legal References

Education Act: Section 171 (1) 46 Powers of Boards: Insurance; Education Act: Section 286 Duties of Supervisory Officers: Supervise Buildings and Property

Related References

1. Property and Liability Insurance

This administrative procedure outlines property, liability and student accident insurance practices.

2. Administrative Procedures

2.1 The Superintendent of Corporate Services or designate, will periodically review the board’s insurance program(s) and recommend any necessary changes to the Director of Education.

2.2 The insurance coverage shall adequately insure the buildings and equipment of the board. The coverage shall also insure the board, its employees and volunteers against civil lawsuits brought against them arising out of their duties on behalf of the board, and which claim negligence in the performance of duties, and ask for compensatory damages.

3. Coverages

3.1 Students

3.1.1 An optional Accident and Life Insurance plan is available for students. Information is provided to the schools in September for distribution. The board does not provide accident or medical insurance coverage for students. Accidental injuries, including dental injuries sustained in sports or other school activities are not covered by the board’s insurance coverage. Parents are encouraged to purchase student accident insurance, especially if their children are playing on sports teams.

3.1.2 Students in co-op programs (excluding classroom settings, see Section 3.1.1 above) and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs (OYAP) are covered for work place injuries through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), arranged through the Ministry of Education. See Administrative Procedure 175 Accidents, Incidents and Occupational Illnesses and Form 175B AMDSB Student Co-op Work Placement Accident Report for details.

3.1.3 Student accidents must be reported electronically through the Student Information System or the OSBIE website. If the accident is severe it needs to be reported to the Facilities Officer and the Regional Superintendent.

3.1.4 If the nature of the injury meets the definition of a critical injury under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, it must be immediately reported to the Health and Safety Advisor.

3.2 School Council Insurance

School Council insurance is available through OSBIE at a cost to the School Council. It is important to note that School Councils are covered by the board’s liability insurance if the activity or event is sanctioned by the school’s administration in accordance with Administrative Procedures.

3.3 Liability

All employees of the board are covered by liability insurance, which protects them against lawsuits alleging negligence in the performance of their duties. Coverage applies 24 hours a day anywhere in the world, as long as the employee is deemed to be acting within the scope of their duties for the board.

3.4 Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

Most students engaged in work experience programs are covered by WSIB (excluding the Take Our Kids to Work Program). In the event of an accident, a completed Form 175B AMDSB Student Co-op Work Placement Accident Report is submitted to the HR Help Desk.

3.5 Personal Automobile Use

3.5.1 If a personal vehicle is used for board business (e.g. transporting students), the board’s liability insurance is extended to provide an additional layer of coverage in excess to the insurance on the vehicle. Legislation in Ontario makes the insurance on the vehicle primary (pays first). The board’s liability insurance will pay judgements that exceed the insurance on the vehicle in the event of a successful lawsuit against the owner. There is no coverage for damage to the vehicle itself.

3.5.2 Staff members injured in accidents while on board business should complete and submit through e-Base Form 175A Employee Hazard/Incident Report. See Administrative Procedure 175 Accidents, Incidents and Occupational Illnesses for details.

3.6 Property Insurance

All board owned sites are covered by property insurance for property damage. All leased sites are covered with content insurance. There is a $10,000 deductible for this property coverage. All property damage, including vandalism, should be reported to the Facilities Administrator and to the Facilities Officer.
Updated November 2019