Administrative Procedure 541: Hot Work

Legal References

Education Act: Section 286 Duties of Supervisory Officers: Supervise Buildings and Property; Ontario Fire Code; FM Global - Hot Work Information Resources

Related References

1. Safety Considerations for Hot Work

1.1 This administrative procedure establishes the necessary safety procedures, notification and follow-up of Hot Work carried out at a specific location within a facility in order to prevent fires.

1.2 This procedure applies to all Avon Maitland District School Board personnel and any contractors retained by the district to perform Hot Work as defined below.

1.3 Hot Work inside buildings will be avoided wherever possible by using non-flaming tools or by moving the work outside. Where practical, work should be done outside of regular school hours.

1.4 Exclusions
This procedure does not apply to tasks performed in rooms specially constructed for the tasks such as science rooms or technology rooms.

           1.4.1 This procedure is not for use in work areas considered “Confined Spaces”.

2. Definitions

Hot Work is any work, which generates open flame or produces heat and/or sparks. This can include, but is not limited to brazing, cutting, grinding, soldering, thawing pipes, torch-applied roofing and welding.

Hot Work Permit is a completed tag identifying an area of work and work performed. The permit is completed by the worker and registered with the building supervisor (See Form 541A Hot Work Permit and Form 541B Hot Work Warning Sign).

3. Training

Personnel performing Hot Work must be familiar with this procedure and trained in the use of the required tools.

4. Administrative Procedures

4.1 Board Responsibilities

Board responsibilities are:
4.1.1 To establish a Hot Work Procedure for use in buildings to minimize the risk of fire and loss in the buildings;
4.1.2 To provide site locations and staff maintenance personnel with Hot Work Permits to be used when performing Hot Work (Form 541A Hot Work Permit); and
4.1.3 To provide necessary training for staff and personnel on the use of the Hot Work Procedures.

4.2 Principal/Supervisor Responsibilities

The responsibilities of principals and supervisors are:
4.2.1 To ensure that staff members are knowledgeable in the Hot Work Procedure and use of the procedure as intended;
4.2.2 To ensure a supply of Hot Work Permits are available at the location and are issued for all Hot Work;
4.2.3 To ensure the follow-up inspections are carried out after the Hot Work is completed; and
4.2.4 To retain all expired permits for documentation purposes.

4.3 Head Custodian/Contractor Fire Monitor Responsibilities

The responsibilities are:
4.3.1 To act, in the case of the head custodian, as the principal’s designate if asked to do so in the principal’s absence;
4.3.2 To ensure Hot Work Permits are affixed to the area where work is being performed;
4.3.3 To perform or ensure the performance of the follow-up inspection two (2) hours after the work has been completed. Where it is not practical for the head custodian to perform the follow-up inspection, contractors must provide their own fire monitor; and
4.3.4 To remove and sign off the Hot Work Permit at the completion of the last inspection. The person responsible will attach the location copy to the second office copy located in the Hot Work Permit Wall Kit in order to confirm the job is complete.

4.4 Person Performing Hot Work (Facilities/Contractors/Custodians) Responsibilities

The person performing the hot work will:
4.4.1 Complete the Hot Work Permit prior to commencing any Hot Work and identify:
      1. The building;
      2. The area of the building;
      3. The work being performed;
      4. Confirm that fire extinguishers are at the site, and
      5. The date, start time and anticipated completion time.
4.4.2 Contact the facilities assistant or designate 519-527-0111 ext. 544 prior to commencing a Hot Work operation and advise the facilities assistant or designate of the above so the information can be entered into the Hot Work Log Book.

4.4.3 Affix one copy of the Hot Work Permit (Form 541A) and Hot Work Warning Notice (Form 541B) to the area of work.

4.4.4 Deliver the second copy of the Hot Work Permit to the head custodian or principal for the scheduling of the post work inspection. This copy is to be posted in the Hot Works Wall Kit located in the school office.

4.4.5 Clean the area within 35 feet (11 meters) of all flammable liquids, oily materials and highly flammable products.

4.4.6 Cover all floor and wall openings to prevent possible flame spread in walls or between floors.

4.4.7 Provide a second person as a fire watch if the possibility exists of fire travelling inside a wall or between rooms and floors.

4.4.8 Cover all combustible materials in the area of work.

4.4.9 Locate a fire extinguisher in the area of work and the nearest fire alarm pull station.

4.4.10 Perform a fire check of the area thirty (30) minutes after completion of the work to ensure that there are no hot spots, smoke or other indications that a possible fire is present.

4.4.11 Contact the facilities assistant or designate after the fire check is complete and the area is determined to be safe and advise them that:
      1. Work is complete;
      2. The area has been found to be clear of any possible fires or smouldering debris; and
      3. The on-site custodian or contractor fire monitor will inspect the site two hours after the work has been completed.
4.4.12 Depart from the site, removing all work materials and debris.

4.4.13 For larger construction/roofing/repair projects, there are additional guidelines to be followed as outlined in the Architects Specifications.
4.5 Facilities Assistant Responsibilities (519-527-0111 or 1-800-592-5437 ext. 544)

4.5.1 Upon receiving a communication from facilities/contractor/custodial personnel that Hot Work is to be done, the facilities assistant will record in the Hot Work Service Log the details of the work being performed.

4.5.2 If at the end of the work day the facilities assistant (or designate) has not received an “all clear” at a particular site, the facilities assistant (or designate) will contact the facilities/contractor personnel to confirm that work is complete and the area has been found to be clear and the fire protection system is in service (if applicable).
4.6 Staff Member Responsibilities

4.6.1 Do not remove a Hot Work Permit unless performing the final completion inspection.
4.6.2 Report any abnormal conditions in the area of any Hot Work being performed.
4.6.3 Be familiar with the Hot Work Procedure and the use of the Hot Work Permit.

5. Safety

No work is to be initiated under any circumstances unless the notification of the facilities assistant (or designate) has been made and fire extinguishers are specifically confirmed as being immediately available on site.
Updated February 2020