Administrative Procedure 160: Access to School Premises

Legal References:

Education Act: Section 265 (1) (m) Duties of Principal: Access to School or Class; Education Act: Section 302 (4) Governing Access to School Premises; Ontario Schools Code of Conduct; Ontario Regulation 474/00: Access to School Premises; Trespass to Property Act.

Related References:

1. Procedure Purpose

1.1 The Ministry of Education believes that a school is a place that promotes responsibility, respect, civility and academic excellence in a safe learning and teaching environment. All students, parents, teachers, and staff members have the right to be safe, and to feel safe, in their school community. [see Ontario Schools Code of Conduct]
1.2 Avon Maitland District School Board (AMDSB) has delegated to the Director of Education the responsibility of supporting school principals in their efforts to create safe environments for students, staff members, and other members of the school community.

1.3 The Principal, in conjunction with the support of their school staff, is responsible to ensure the implementation and management of this Administrative Procedure at the school level.
2. Procedure Implementation
2.1 All AMDSB permanent school staff will be expected to carry or have readily available their AMDSB issued staff identification.
2.2 All AMDSB school supply staff must report to the office to obtain their assignment, sign-in, and be provided temporary staff identification, which must be returned when signing out.

2.3 All AMDSB non-school staff visiting a school are expected to carry their AMDSB issued staff identification, report to the office and sign-in/sign-out.
2.4 All visitors authorized (or “authorized persons”) to be on school premises, must report their presence to the school office, state the purpose of their visit, and obtain the Principal’s permission at the time or in advance, to remain on the school premises. All authorized persons permitted on the premises must sign-in and should be provided a visitor identification badge, which must be returned to the office when signing out and leaving the premises.

2.5 The Principal shall establish and implement a practice to ensure supply staff, volunteers and authorized visitors are easily identified in the school. The Principal shall be up to date on Board wide access and security protocols and implement them at their location. It is the Principal’s responsibility to train all school staff on the established practices
2.6 School councils shall be informed of the processes regarding school access, and these practices will be reviewed annually by the Principal.
3. Authorized Persons

3.1 Persons who are permitted on school premises, subject to any lawful restriction, are:

a) Persons enrolled as a pupil in the school;
b) Parents/guardians of such a pupil;
c) Persons employed or retained (e.g. facility contractors. IT specialists, physical therapists) by the board;
d) Persons engaged in lawful purposes (e.g., making deliveries, voting);
e) Persons invited to attend an event, class or a meeting on school premises;
f) Persons invited to provide volunteer services to the school, as pre-arranged by the Principal;
g) Members of the board, as per Board Policy #9 Board Governance Bylaws;
h) Members of the legislative assembly visiting schools in their constituency;
i) Visitors authorized by Community Use of Schools permit;
j) Partner agency staff and their visitors using space in the school via a formal agreement with the board (e.g. Childcare, EarlyON, OPP and Technical Training Group); and,
k) Other supporting agency staff such as fire safety personal, law enforcement, public health officials as pre-arranged or agreed upon by the board.
3.2 An authorized person is not entitled to have access to all areas of the school premises and may only access areas of the school as permitted by the Principal.
3.3 An authorized person is not permitted to remain on school premises if the person fails to obtain permission, or their presence is detrimental to the safety or well-being of a person on the premises, in the judgement of the Principal.
3.4 The Principal may exercise the rights of the Board as an occupier under the provisions of the Trespass to Property Act, sections 212(1), 265(m) and 305 of the Education Act, and Ontario Regulation 474/00 with respect to an individual determined to be in non-compliance with provisions of this procedure. The Principal should consult the School Superintendent to ensure proper documentation in writing is sent to those deemed non-compliant with this Administrative Procedure.

3.5 Principals who have issued Trespass letters must review the trespass status at regular natural breaks or at the written request of the individual who has been trespassed.
Revised October 2022