Administrative Procedure 152: Medical Certificates - Staff and Students

Legal References

Education Act: Section 21 (1) Compulsory Attendance; Education Act: Section 21 (2) When Attendance Excused; Education Act: Section 265 (1) Duties of Principal: Record Attendance; R.R.O. Reg. 298: Section 11 (11) Duties of Principals: Home Instruction; R.R.O. Reg. 298: Section 23 Requirements of Pupils: Attend Punctually
and Regularly

Related References

1. Procedures for Requiring a Medical Certificate: Staff

1.1 The Director of Education or designate may request an employee to provide a medical certificate in the event of absence from work due to illness. Principals or
supervisors shall consult with the Human Resources Department before medical certification is requested of staff.

1.2 Costs for medical certification required by the board shall be paid by the board.

2. Procedures for Requiring a Medical Certificate: Students

Where a medical certificate is required by a principal to verify a student’s need for home/hospital instruction, to justify a student’s failure to write a required examination, to explain a period of extended absence by a student, to gain an exemption with respect to a required course, or other similar situation, the cost of the medical certificate will be borne by the student and/or the parent or guardian of the student.
Reviewed December 2014