Administrative Procedure 112: Communications and Media Relations

Legal References

Education Act: Section 265 Duties of the Principal; Section 283 Chief Executive Officer; Section 286 Duties of Supervisory Officers; Ontario Regulation 298 - Operation of Schools Section 11 Duties of Principals; Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Related References

1. Communications and Media Relations

The director of education ensures that open, transparent and positive internal and external communications are in place. The director participates in community affairs in order to enhance and support the district and promote public education.

1.1 The director of education believes that regular, clear and timely communication between Avon Maitland District School Board and the public it serves promotes positive relationships and is mutually beneficial.

1.2 The director is committed to effective communications with all stakeholders to promote and protect quality public education in the district and the province and to celebrate success for all students.

1.3 The director of education and the Chair of the Board are the official spokespersons of the board.

1.4 The director may from time to time designate other staff members to speak on behalf of the board in areas of their specific expertise.

2. Implementation

2.1 The director of education will endeavor to provide the news media with the information it requires to present a balanced picture of the board's programs, services, positions and issues.

2.2 The director will encourage principals to invite local news media to provide coverage of school programs and special events. Media access to schools must occur only with the consent of the school principal, who will ensure that the education of students is protected from unnecessary interruptions or intrusions and that privacy is protected.

2.3 The director shall provide staff, school councils, parents/guardians, school communities and regional municipalities with relevant information about local and provincial education initiatives as appropriate.

2.4 The director recognizes that using current technology is important for effective communications, and values the on-going presence of the board and its schools on the internet.

2.5 The director has issued other administrative procedures for dealing with the media and the general public as noted in the “Related References” in this procedure.

2.6 The director of education or designate shall make official media releases to the news media.
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Revised February 2019