French Immersion

About French Immersion

French Immersion is an optional program designed to provide students with opportunities to gain a high level of proficiency in French and at the same time maintain and develop English language skills. The purpose of the French Immersion program is to provide anglophone children with the opportunity of achieving a meaningful level of functional bilingualism.

In Grades 1-8, French is the language of instruction in the classroom for over 50% of the day. The subjects Math and English are taught in English. Elementary French Immersion is available at Anne Hathaway Public School (grades K to 6), Bedford Public School (grades K to 6) and Stratford Intermediate School (grade 7 and 8) in Stratford.

In Grades 9-12, students who take ten courses in French graduate with a French Immersion certificate. Those who take seven courses in French graduate with an Extended French certificate. Secondary French Immersion is available at Stratford District Secondary School.

The Avon Maitland District School Board offers continuous French Immersion for students, Grades One through Grade 12. 

Why Choose French Immersion?

We asked our students!

Diplôme d’études en langue Française (DELF)

During their secondary French studies, students will be invited to challenge DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue Française) each year.

The DELF is recognized in more than 165 countries and:

  • Provides lifelong certification
  • Recognizes your proficiency in French
  • Awards you with an official document that could be added to your resume or portfolio
  • Describes what you can do in oral communication, listening, reading and writing in French
  • Opens doors for travel, job and educational opportunities
  • Is recognized as a certified language assessment for acceptance into a French university (B2 level or higher)


Information Night and Registration

Join the French Immersion team on Wednesday January 17, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. for an online event. Learn more about the program and how to register. 

Grade 1 is the only entry point for French immersion unless you have attended a French immersion program elsewhere.

For more information call:

  • Bedford PS – 519-273-1190
  • Anne Hathaway PS –  519-271-8576

Transportation may be provided for students within Stratford, but who live outside of the Bedford or Anne Hathaway attendance area. Students who live outside of Stratford may be accommodated on existing bus routes serving Stratford schools.


Will my child learn the same things as students in English classes?

The curriculum follows the guidelines of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students work toward the same academic goals regardless of the language of instruction.

Which school does my child attend?

  • Anne Hathaway (students’ home address is within the City of Stratford, other than within Bedford’s catchment boundaries)
  • Bedford (students’ home address is within Bedford’s catchment boundaries or outside the city of Stratford)


How can I support my child if I don’t speak French?

The program is designed for children who normally speak a language other than French at home. It is not expected that parents are able to speak French. Reporting is done in English for this reason.

The internet is a great resource for supports, with many tutorials, web-sites and reference materials now available online. Reading for pleasure should be encouraged in both French and English. This way, your child’s vocabulary will be enriched and their self confidence will grow.

Other suggestions for parents are:

  • Communicate with teachers your concerns, questions or suggestions;
  • Volunteer in the classroom;
  • Expose your child to French outside of school (books from the library, theatre, T.V., experiences, etc.)


What if my child has difficulties?

Additional practice with French, using such resources as recommended by your child's teacher, as well as investigation into curriculum content in English, outside of regular classroom time, can be helpful.

As well as:

  • Encourage your child to ask the teacher for help;
  • Consult with the teacher on a regular basis to discuss progress and remedial strategies;
  • Consider tutoring;
  • Supports vary year to year, but monitors, in-school tutors, co-op students and volunteers have supported our students in the past.


The French Immersion program is open to everyone.