Administrative Procedure 550: Use of Facilities

Legal References

Education Act: Section 171 (1) 24 Powers of Boards: Permit Use of School; Education Act: Section 265 Duties of Principal: Care of Pupils and Property; Education Act: Section 286 Duties of Supervisory Officers: Supervise Buildings and Property

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1. Community Use of Schools

1.1 In accordance with the Education Act, the Avon Maitland District School Board may make available school facilities and premises to be used by responsible individuals or organizations for activities deemed appropriate by school/board administration.

2. Administrative Procedures

2.1 General Conditions

2.1.1 No permit shall be granted which will, in the principal’s opinion, seriously interfere with the regular program of the school (either during or outside school hours) nor that will interfere with the required facilities repair, maintenance and/or capital projects.

2.1.2 Approval of permits during school holidays, winter break, statutory holidays and summer break will be subject to cleaning schedules, staffing and maintenance requirements. Arrangements for use within these times must be requested well in advance.

2.1.3 Restricted spaces within the sites, unless specifically approved by the principal, are not available for use. These may include staff rooms, tech areas, kitchen facilities, science labs, administrative offices and computer rooms.

2.1.4 With approval of the Principal, user groups who access the school on a regular basis may be responsible for opening and closing the school building. The user group will designate a site supervisor to contact the school to obtain instructions on the open and close process. Financial charges will apply if emergency personnel are called to the site unnecessarily. The site supervisor will ensure that all users are in observance of the rules and regulations.

2.1.5 A permit must be issued for use of school grounds outside of school hours. There will be no charge for this use.

2.1.6 The applicant, and the applicant’s sponsors and agents shall protect, indemnify and save harmless the board, its employees or agents from all claims that may arise out of the use of buildings by the permit holder. The board will not be responsible for personal injury, damage or loss or theft of any articles belonging to the applicant or anyone entering upon the premises as a result of the issuance of a permit.

2.1.7 In the event the implementation of this procedure requires clarification or interpretation, a determination shall be made by the Superintendent of Corporate Services.

2.2 Childcare & Reciprocal Agreements

2.2.1 Space will be made available to Third Party providers for Before and After school programs which may also include non-instructional day programming.

2.2.2 Various reciprocal agreements and joint use agreements are in effect with local towns and municipalities for the purpose of providing educational and recreational opportunities for the students of the board and the public.

2.2.3 Every reasonable effort will be made to provide preferential priority to these organizations when booking school facilities (See Appendix A: Classification of Usage).

2.2.4 There will be no rental charges or custodial fees charged for use of school facilities for any activities under reciprocal agreements.

2.2.5 The Superintendent of Education (Corporate Services), in consultation with the principal, shall have the authority to enter into a reciprocal agreement with parties, other than those mentioned above, involving the use of schools when circumstances are such that both parties to the agreement would receive relatively equal benefit.

2.3 Application Procedures and Fees

2.3.1 All applications for use of school facilities shall be made on-line through the Avon Maitland Community Use of Schools website

2.3.2 Applications should be received as far in advance as possible, preferably at least two weeks before the date of the event. Only approved permits will be allowed access to school properties.

2.3.3 All groups except those with reciprocal agreements and Group A rentals will be assessed identifiable custodial costs at an hourly rate which are listed in Appendix B Schedule of Fees. These rates are reviewed on an annual basis and may be adjusted if required.

2.3.4 A no-show fee of $10.00 per incident will be added to the cost of the permit for groups or individuals who fail to use the booked space at any time, without providing notice of cancellation.

2.3.5 A custodian will review and communicate within the on-line permit discussion, if applicable.

2.3.6 All permits, including nil fees, must be approved by the principal before access is permitted.

2.3.7 Invoices, with applicable HST, will be sent by the 15th of every month for user groups that do not choose credit card payment. Credit cards will be processed on the last day of the month. Statement of accounts are available on-line. When payment is received, a receipt will be issued and the cheque forwarded, with a copy of the permit, to the Finance Department. Cheques must be payable to Avon Maitland District School Board.
2.4 Furniture, Equipment and Storage

2.4.1 At the discretion of the principal, certain furniture and/or equipment may be rented while using school facilities, as prescribed in the Schedule of Fees in Appendix B.

2.4.2 Rental of any equipment is granted on the conditions that:
      1. The principal is satisfied that a competent operator will operate the equipment; and
      2. Such equipment is used within the building to which it is assigned.
      3. Some specified equipment can only be operated by qualified school appointed personnel.
2.4.3 The cost of repair or replacement of any item, due to loss or damage as a direct result of the use of such furniture or equipment, shall be paid by the renter.

2.4.4 The provisions of extra tables, chairs, etc shall be the responsibility of the organization renting the site. All equipment brought in by the applicant for temporary use shall be removed without delay and not restrict emergency accesses. Use of school owned tables and chairs may be subject to a set up/take down fee.

2.4.5 The storage of equipment or materials brought in by an organization shall not be permitted unless arranged by the principal. This will only be allowed if the space is available and does not interfere with the operation of the school. The board accepts no risk or responsibility for the loss or damage of any such equipment stored under this provision.

2.5 User Responsibilities

2.5.1 The applicant is responsible to the principal for ensuring that nothing of an objectionable or contentious nature will be permitted in the buildings. Intoxicants are not allowed. Only licensed lotteries and bingos are allowed.

2.5.2 The applicant will not make any alteration of any description to the building or its equipment without first obtaining permission from the principal or Superintendent of Corporate Services.

2.5.3 The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the school buildings and grounds and shall see that all regulations contained in this administrative procedure are strictly observed.

2.5.4 Permit holders must read and understand the Board’s Concussion Protocol (see Administrative Procedure 319).

2.5.5 Use of premises and equipment is restricted to those specified on the approved permit.

2.5.6 No smoking and/or vaping in or within 20 metres of school board grounds.

2.5.7 Alcoholic beverages not allowed on school board property.

2.5.8 Rubber soled shoes shall be worn in gymnasium and in general-purpose rooms when used for athletic activities.

2.5.9 The applicant shall agree that the permit may be revoked or cancelled at any time and that in the event of such cancellation; there shall be no claim or right to damage or reimbursement on account of any loss, damage or expense incurred by the applicant.

2.5.10 Any individual, group or organization using school facilities assumes full liability for any losses of or damage to school property or neighbouring property resulting from such use.

2.5.11 All fees for use of facilities shall be payable to Avon Maitland District School Board.
Appendix A - Classification of Usage (please see pdf)
Appendix B - Schedule of Fees (please see pdf)
Revised August 2022