Media Release

Friday, January 26, 2024

Junk Drawer Races are curriculum-based, grade level, design and build challenges created by Skills Ontario. Students design, build and test various projects and submit a video for competition within their region.    

This year, grade 2 through 8 classes participated from nearly every public school in the Avon Maitland District School Board. Avon Public School won bronze with a car named “The Crusher” in the Cardboard Car Challenge (grades 4-5). Anne Hathaway Public School took gold and bronze medals, with Brookside Public School stealing the silver to complete the medal sweep in the Paper Glider Competition (grades 6-7). Elma Township Public School dominated in the grade 8 Hydraulic Crane Competition, winning the gold and bronze medals.  

Medal winners advance to the Provincial Championship Round, where they refine and resubmit their projects to compete against regional winners.

“This success in the Junk Drawer Races is a demonstration of AMDSB classroom teachers’ dedication to offering diverse, meaningful and hands-on learning opportunities for students,” said Paul Langis, Superintendent of Education. “The AMDSB is committed to supporting students and teachers in programs like Junk Drawer Races to enhance student experience and prepare them for their academic journey ahead.” continued Langis.   

For further information about Junk Drawer Races or Skills Ontario, please contact Tim Bickell, Student Success Coach.


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Image 1: Upper Thames ES students Julia Baxter, Alyssa Walt, Landon Bennewies, Liam Chessell

Upper Thames students


Image 2: Elma Township PS students Cullen Buchanan, Ethan Smith, Corbin Dietrich

Elma Township students

Image 3: Elma Township PS student Holly Huffman

Holly Huffman


Image 4: Elma Township PS student Corny Enns

Corny Enns