AMDSB Celebrates Education Week May 1-5

From May 1-5 schools across Ontario celebrate Education Week. It’s an opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate the many amazing things happening in Ontario’s schools. This year’s theme for Education Week is “Education for a Brighter Future”.

We recognize the commitment and dedication of everyone who works so hard every day to help make our education system one of the best in the world. We spotlight the many contributions of our students, families, educators and support staff.

Here are a few examples of things happening around AMDSB:

Mental Health and Well-being

The AMDSB Mental Health and Well-being (MHWB) team hosts a wide variety of education sessions for staff. Recently, they adapted this knowledge for parents/caregivers. During Children’s Mental Health Week, six webinars are being hosted by the team’s mental health professionals. Three are at lunch and three in the evening. The webinars talk about common mental health challenges faced by children and youth. They will also cover strategies that caregivers can use at home to support students. Full details and registration information.

Environmental Sustainability

Over the last year, we formed an Environmental Committee. This committee is developing an Environmental Action Plan to guide their work for the next 3 years. During Earth Week, we shared several social media posts. They contained personal reflections from members of the following groups: AMDSB Environmental Committee, the AMDSB Indigenous Education Advisory Committee (IEAC),  and the AMDSB Lighthouse Learners for Outdoor Education. We asked them to share ways they can make positive environmental change in their “Ecosystems of Influence”. We also consulted Indigenous Elders of Treaty 29 to help with language and wording. We did this as part of our commitment to building a relationship with, and taking care of, Mother Earth. Summary video.

Indigenous Education

An Indigenous Education Advisory Committee (IEAC) supports the Indigenous Education work we do. The committee consists of local people with ties to the Indigenous community. We welcome Indigenous speakers into our classrooms and schools. We also connect students with the history and current commitments of our Treaty Relationships.

Earlier this year we welcomed Aspens Ojibwe Horses to several elementary schools. Students enjoyed a visit from the horses, learned about their history and their importance to Indigenous peoples. 

Academic Achievement

Teacher Laura Bross (Brookside Public School) received the International Dyslexia Association of Ontario’s Literacy Leader of the Year Award. This award recognizes the efforts of extraordinary educators and professionals in Ontario who are literacy education leaders in their communities. It also celebrates teachers committed to implementing the recommendations from the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right to Read Inquiry. Congratulations Laura! 

Student Achievement

Listowel District SS grade 11 student Keira Schaefer recently returned from a three-day Model Parliament experience at Queen's Park in Toronto. She was chosen to represent Perth-Wellington, play the role of a Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and learn how parliament works through a series of workshops and presentations.

Adult Education

The AMDSB Centre for Employment and Learning (CEL) offers a free Personal Support Worker (PSW) certification program in Goderich and Stratford. It recently celebrated its first group of 28 graduates. The CEL offers this program in partnership with local long-term care homes. The program helps fill the gap in this crucial employment sector. Further details are on the CEL PSW webpage.


The Stratford District SS Drama Club participated in the National Theatre School Drama Festival in Blyth. The cast and crew were proud to present Alan Haehnel’s Property Rites, a play about the risks of artificial intelligence. The club received three awards. The first was an award of Excellence given to Eden McGaw, Ella Ruby and Violet Shipway for their Achievement in Lighting Design and Execution. The second was an award of Excellence given to the Ensemble for Choreography, Design and Integrated Performance. And the play itself was recognized with the Outstanding Production award. The group will be going to the regional contest in Gravenhurst later this month. Congratulations to the cast and crew!