EQAO Results

November 3, 2022


Dear AMDSB staff and families,

EQAO results from the 2021/2022 school year have been released publicly today on eqao.com. These are the first results since fall 2019 and overall they are lower across the province in all subject areas. We remind students, families and the general public that EQAO data represents only a snapshot of time, and that the data is most useful when examined as long-term trends. 

Educators in the AMDSB worked tirelessly to deliver quality learning to all of our students throughout the pandemic and I am so proud of how they supported our students. However, given the impact of school closures, self-directed (asynchronous) and online (synchronous) learning, the inability for our board to host regular educator professional learning, labour shortages contributing to the need to re-assign central support staff, and the overall impact on mental health, the results are not surprising and were even predicted. 

AMDSB scores are lower across all subject areas but in particular, grade 9 math was much lower than the trajectory of growth we have enjoyed prior to the pandemic. This too is not surprising given the recent change to a new de-streamed math curriculum and limited time for educators to review and learn together. Over the 3 years prior to the pandemic, academic and applied grade 9 math test results showed steady improvement.

The Ministry of Education has acknowledged that scores have fallen significantly across the province and they have made a commitment to provide more resources as part of “Ontario’s Plan to Catch Up”. This plan includes funding for tutoring for some students and a promised Math Recovery Plan. 

Despite these results, we are optimistic about the work we are doing in our system to help students recover. We will be focused on digging into and understanding our local school and board-level results and other data in order to focus our time and efforts on areas for improvement. We will take advantage of what the Ministry offers to support students and schools in our district. There are numerous other strategies underway that reflect the work of our Strategic Plan (under the 3 pillars: I am prepared, I am well, I am engaged) and that we believe will have an impact on student achievement. This includes a return to professional learning for staff, a focus on equitable practices that focus on each child’s improvement, increased Mental Health and Well-being supports for students, a return to extracurricular activities including sports and other specific opportunities such as tutoring and alternative education revised programming. Literacy and numeracy are fundamental skills for students and have always been and will continue to be the key focus areas for students in AMDSB. Our “I am Here” campaign this fall is a proactive attempt to engage students regularly in class as absenteeism was high during the pandemic and does contribute to student outcomes.  

Thank you for your continued support as we move forward with supporting the educational, social and emotional needs of our students. 


Dr. Lisa Walsh, Director of Education