Listowel DSS Dual Credit student photograph to be displayed at symposium

Jenni Loewen’s story of how she captured the photo she calls “What’s the point” is simple: “I dropped toothpicks into a container. They fell into this pattern, and I thought it looked interesting so I grabbed my phone and snapped a pic.”

It was interesting enough to be chosen from among submissions from four colleges to be displayed during the opening session of the 2022 SCWI (School, College, Work Initiative) virtual Spring Symposium

The Grade 12 student at Listowel District Secondary School was enrolled in the Digital Photography Techniques Dual Credit course through Lambton College. She submitted the photo as part of her classwork. 

“Jenni participated in the Lambton College Dual Credit program where students have the opportunity to experience college life while in high school, earn high school and college credits at the same time, and explore future career interests,” says Jim Brintnell, AMDSB’s Dual Credit and Pathways Community Engagement Coordinator. “Jenni excelled in her Digital Photography Techniques course, completing with one of the top marks in the class and producing exemplary photography results that leveraged her technical, creative, and critical thinking skills.”

Of her Digital Photography Dual Credit class, Jenni says, “The teacher was amazing, the content was engaging and interesting, and I learned a lot of new tips and techniques. I stretched my mind and challenged my creativity, and I would definitely recommend the class to other students.”

“I started photography because I would always see beautiful landscapes, patterns, and other random little things that I wanted to capture,” says Jenni. She continues to enjoy photography as a hobby and does not plan to pursue it as a career.

Nonetheless, she will receive an honorarium for the use of her photo in the SCWI Symposium, as well as a letter for her portfolio. 

Congratulations on this inspiring achievement, Jenni!

Graphic including stock background of art gallery displaying student image of toothpicks in flowerburst formation.