Media Release

October 27, 2021
The Avon Maitland District School Board (AMDSB) Board of Trustees have approved the roll-out of a boundary review in the North Perth area. This process involves examining the current school boundaries at the Board’s schools in Listowel and the surrounding area to determine how the boundaries might be changed, in order to alleviate the enrolment pressures in the town of Listowel schools. A school boundary is the attendance boundary that determines which students will attend that school, depending on where they live. 

Superintendent Cheri Carter points out that: “It is important that we try to balance and equalize enrolments between schools, especially if there are some schools that have too many students relative to its size, while other schools have excess space.” In North Perth, a region that is projected to continue growing in terms of its school-age population, the current elementary accommodation plan is not sustainable and a boundary review may help alleviate some of the current challenges. 

The review is intended to kick off in November of 2021 and will wrap up in the Spring of 2022. A committee called the North Perth Boundary Review Committee (NPBRC) will be formed with representation from all communities involved in the review. The process will be led by an outside consulting firm and once possible solutions are developed, they will be vetted through the NPBRC and the broader community using a feedback process.

In the end, the school board trustees will consider a report with options, recommendations and community feedback and decide what is best for the school board, while understanding the needs and opinions of the school communities.
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