Every Child Matters: Honouring the Children

We are saddened once again to hear the announcement by Star Blanket Cree Nation about the discovery of remains at the site of a formal residential school near Lebret, Saskatchewan and the discoveries at the former St. Mary’s Indian Residential School in Kenora, Ontario.
The horrible impact and intergenerational trauma created by residential schools across Canada is ongoing. There have been many discoveries of mass graves on the grounds of former residential schools across Canada and it is expected that other unmarked graves will continue to be found.
We extend our sympathy and support to all Indigenous nations and to all of our own Indigenous community members.
As AMDSB families and as educators, we must inform ourselves and help to raise awareness about this dark aspect of our history. We must be changemakers.
Having an emotional reaction to traumatic news like this is normal and justified. Please reach out using the resources listed below if you need support.
Here are some things you can do to support our Indigenous community members:
  • Learn more about these issues from other non-media sources (listed below)
  • Raise awareness with friends and family
  • Contact your MP, Senator, or MPP
  • Sign petitions
  • Make a donation to a children’s charitable organization



Speaking to children about trauma

Get support