DCVI Student Recognized as up-and-coming Makeup Artist

Update July 9, 2021: Danielle has been selected as a finalist in the NYX Professional Makeup competition. She will now have the opportunity to work with the NYX marketing team to polish a tutorial video she made. That video will then be promoted on the company's Instagram account and in emails to subscribers. 

Congratulations, Danielle! We look forward to seeing your video!

Danielle Duncan, a Dual Credit student in Grade 12 at St Marys DCVI, is one of six entrants chosen to advance to the second round of NYX Professional Makeup Canada’s Upcoming Makeup Artist Program. 

Jenn McDonald, Professional Sales and Education Manager for NYX Professional Makeup, explained that the program is new and only open to NYX Partner Schools. Students find out about the program through their instructors. Lambton College’s Make-up Artistry and Application teacher Stephanie Vandermeulen heard of the program and shared it with her Dual Credit students, including Danielle. 

Danielle has enjoyed the Cosmetology course at DCVI since Grade 10, but her dual credit experience was “absolutely amazing. I had an idea that being an esthetician or makeup artist was what I wanted to do but this course really helped me to fully decide.” Through the course, Vandermeulen helped Danielle realize her own skill and encouraged her to enter this competition.  

Quote from Danielle Duncan with image of makeup brush with purple powder. Quote starts, "I LOVE seeing the transformation..."

About the look she submitted for the NYX Professional Makeup Upcoming Artist Program, Danielle says she enjoys painting as well, and was inspired by “painted makeup” looks to break away from the traditional makeup blending techniques and instead “use harsh brush strokes to get an abstract look that would stand out.” 

11 makeup artistry students from across Canada entered this competition. Of those, 6 were selected to advance to Round 2. 

Vandermeulen shared the news about Danielle’s achievement with AMDSB Dual Credit teachers Jo-Dee Desjardine and Jim Brintnell. They in turn passed it along to DCVI administrators and staff, as well as Board staff who facilitate Dual Credit and other experiential learning programs at AMDSB. All of these staff and advisors are very excited for Danielle and proud of her achievement! 

Someday, Danielle would love to be a professional movie makeup artist. She says: “I love seeing the transformation that can come through makeup. You can make someone feel more confident about themselves by enhancing their natural beauty, or completely transform them into someone or something else, through your own creativity. At the end of the day, it all washes off and you get to start all over with a new idea.”

To enter the second round, Danielle and her fellow contestants will submit a video in the form of a tutorial guiding viewers through applying a makeup look they have created using NYX products. Three contestants will be selected to work with NYX professionals to polish their video, which will then be posted on the company’s Instagram account and shared with all subscribers anytime the company shares a new product for the rest of the year. 

Danielle is nervous for Round 2, but knows that getting this far is an impressive achievement for a self-taught high school student with very little experience. She encourages other students to keep trying new things and experimenting until they find what works for them. “Eventually, you might find something...that you’re really good at and you had no idea!”

Congratulations and best of luck to you, Danielle! 

Photos of a student modelling a makeup design on one side of her face. It is an artistic painted look in bold blue, orange, yellow, pink, and red. She also wears very long false eyelashes. The other side of her face is made up with red lipstick and bold eye makeup, and her long hair is curled.