Update: Planning for September (May 28, 2021)

May 28, 2021

We are busy making plans for the 2021-2022 school year. The information in this document is intended to help families understand what school will look like in September. You will find details below about face to face learning and the option for a full remote learning school. We ask that any families interested in remote learning confirm their interest now (details below). 

Key Points:

  1. This information is based on what we know as of today and adjustments may occur as we receive further direction from the Ministry of Education or the Province of Ontario. 
  2. These plans do not reflect possible changes for the current school year and do not imply that we are not returning to face to face learning before the end of this year. 

A key change from the current school year:

Reduced Flexibility: Throughout this school year, we were able to offer students and families the flexibility to move back and forth between face to face and our full remote learning school (Avon Maitland Remote Learning School). In preparation for next year, families must commit to one or the other option (face to face or online learning). Once this commitment has been made, we expect that students will remain in the chosen model for the entire year. We understand that circumstances do change so there may be one opportunity for movement between options - after the holiday break in December (secondary students would wait until a change in courses occurs in February).

Options for the 2021-2022 school year

Face to Face Learning

  • We believe students' social and emotional well-being are best served face to face in our schools. The daily interaction with peers and supportive adults (i.e. our school staff) is important for personal development and academic achievement.

Elementary (face to face):

Secondary (face to face):

  • We have not finalized the details for secondary at this time. We anticipate that quadmesters will continue and we are planning for students to have two subjects/day. Updates will be provided as soon as details are finalized. Regardless of the model, schools will have health and safety protocols in place. For a summary of existing protocols, please click here
How to register your child for face to face learning: 
  • We are assuming that all students will be returning face to face unless you have already expressed interest in our full remote learning school (Avon Maitland Remote Learning School). Details about confirming your attendance in remote learning are provided below.

Online (Remote) Learning

  • Although we believe that students are best served while learning face to face, we understand that some students for personal reasons, need to be accommodated online. 
  • We will continue to offer full online (remote) learning for the 2021-22 school year. 
  • Any families interested in this option are asked to commit for the entire school year (2021-2022). We understand that planning ahead during these uncertain times is challenging for families, but we must plan to ensure staffing is in place and that more consistency for students and staff is a priority for the year ahead. This will ensure that each child’s education is not disrupted and student achievement and well- being is our focus.  

Elementary (online):

  • The full online option will once again be called the Avon Maitland Remote Learning School (AMRLS)
  • This school is a fully separate online school where students will engage in 300 minutes of synchronous (online with the teacher) and asynchronous work (work that is completed on the students’ own time) daily. Please note: French Immersion is not an option.  
  • Families must commit to a full year of online learning.  

Secondary (online):

  • Secondary students will remain registered with their home secondary school, but will complete part of their day in TWO synchronous (online with the teacher) remote learning courses. Up to TWO other courses will be chosen by students through the Avon Maitland District E-learning Centre (AMDEC). AMDEC courses are asynchronous only (students are not online with the teacher). 
  • Students who have registered for remote learning for the Fall will be contacted in the coming weeks to discuss course selection options.  
Registering for full remote learning: 
  • For the families who have already expressed initial interest in remote learning (via online survey in April), you will receive an email asking you to confirm your preference. Deadline to confirm is Wednesday June 9. If you do not receive an email by Wednesday June 2, please contact your school principal.   
  • If you have not expressed interest in remote learning and would like to do so now, please click here to complete an online registration form. Deadline to complete this form is Wednesday June 9.
  • Once again, families must commit to a full year of remote learning. 

Special education

For both face to face and remote learning, school-based support (Classroom Teachers, Special Education Resource Teachers, Educational Assistants, Learning Services central supports) along with system support staff will continue to communicate and collaborate to develop the best possible program and support for students.