Technology Needs Survey for Parents

The survey is now closed to families but if you need to request a device (IF we are directed to full online learning, i.e. Model C), please contact your school principal.


November 3, 2020


Dear AMDSB families,


The Ministry of Education has asked school boards to be prepared to change learning models IF the need were to arise. In the case of AMDSB schools, we need to be prepared to shift to Model B (hybrid of in-class and online learning) or Model C (full online learning). Please note: we have not been directed to make a change at this time, we simply need to be prepared. 


In order to make preparations for shifting our in-person students to online learning (Model C), we need to understand the needs for technology. Some of our families do not have the necessary devices (e.g. tablet, laptop, desktop) to facilitate full online learning at home.


We are asking that families complete our technology needs survey IF they need to borrow a device for online learning. 


Click here to participate 

Or visit:


If we are directed by the Ministry of Education to move to Model C (full online learning) the following will occur:

  1. Our IT team will be in contact with families that have asked to borrow a device (using the survey link above) in order to confirm their request. 
  2. If a family who does not complete the survey for some reason realizes they need a device, they will need to contact their school principal directly.  
  3. Devices (Chromebooks, iPads) will be deployed from your school.

We are hopeful that a shift in our learning model does not occur and that our students can remain in learning face-to-face in our schools, but we need to be prepared. 


We appreciate your partnership during these unusual times.




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Jane Morris, Superintendent of Education