CASE/Riverside Rural Learning

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Community-based Alternative Secondary Education (CASE) is designed to meet the needs and concerns of families and students who may not have been participating in public education previous to secondary schooling.  CASE operates as a semestered program, separate from the mainstream program at Listowel District Secondary School, covering grades 9-12. The full range of academic levels offered prepares students for a wide variety of career options, including college programs and apprenticeships.

Students combine two days per week of scheduled academic studies at Listowel District Secondary School with co-operative education placements in the community, graduating with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Technical training, participation in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, and co-op placements in specialty areas such as healthcare, business, and the trades (many students receive wages for) are all avenues that are available to CASE students.


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Riverside Rural Learning

Riverside Rural Learning offers independent or small group learning with teacher support at a location chosen by student and families.

Course selection is decided individually to meet the student where they are at in their learning and future goals. On this pathway of learning students are able to obtain an Ontario Secondary Diploma or take certain courses within the program to add to their background of learning experiences.  An optional iPad computer can be provided on long term loan, but the decision to use computers and the internet or just print materials is up to each family and student to make.

Riverside staff are experienced and caring teachers who have worked for many years to provide alternatives to mainstream education for local families, particularly those from homeschool and private school backgrounds.