Chromebook Hardware Troubleshooting / How to

A Chromebook is similar to a laptop except it runs the Chrome Operating System and Chrome Internet Browser. Internal storage of the device is limited so data is saved in the Google Cloud. A Chromebook provides an easy way to use Google's productivity applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, and Google Chrome.

The Shelf

The toolbar at the bottom of your screen is also known as the Shelf. On the Shelf, you will find the Launcher Icon, Apps and information about your Chromebook such as battery life, WiFi connection, keyboard and a clock.
Image of the Chromebook Shelf

Launcher Icon

The Launcher Icon expands the screen so that you can see all of your Chrome Apps.
chromebook launcher
Expanded view:
expanded view from the chromebook launcher

App Icons

The App Icons act like shortcuts for quick access to the Apps that you use the most. You can customize your shelf by pinning apps to this area.

How to pin:
  • Right-click on the icon of the app you want to pin, choose pin.
  • Click on the app icon on the launch screen and drag it to the shelf.
How to unpin:
  • Right-click on the icon, choose unpin.
  • Click on an app and drag it from the shelf and place it on the Launcher Screen.
Image of chromebook settings menuIn the settings menu, in the left column you will see a section called About Chrome OS. If you left-click About Chrome OS, you can check for updates. 

*if your Chromebook is slow or apps are not running
  • Left-click the Check for updates.
  • Your computer will search for an update.
  • Left-click the Restart button to finish updating your Chromebook.
chromebook restart snip
You may find that your Chromebook drops the Wi-Fi at home.
  1. Make sure your OS (Operating System) is up to date - see above.
  2. You may find that you need to log in to your Home’s Wi-Fi each time you turn it on or if your Chromebook has gone to sleep after a period of being unused. There is a Wi-Fi shortcut located on the bottom toolbar or shelf.
  3. You can also set the Wi-Fi settings to Automatically Connect to this network. Go to Settings>Network>Wi-Fi, expand the menu for the Wi-Fi settings and then click on your Wi-Fi name. This will allow you to toggle on the automatically connect to this network feature.

    image of chromebook wifi menu
  4. If your Wi-Fi gets dropped while on the AMDSB Network, please make the TRA in your school aware of this.
  • Check to make sure the power brick and the cable are tightly connected.
  • Re-seat both ends of the cable.
Submit form below for Chromebook repair
  • Please save the keys for the Chromebook and return with device for repair.
  • For a temporary workaround, you may plug in a USB keyboard.
Submit form below for Chromebook repair
  • Make sure there is no dust/dirt on the touchpad and it is not wet
  • Press the esc key several times
  • Restart the device
  • For temporary workaround, you may plug in a USB mouse
Submit form below for Chromebook repair
IF there’s no green sticker on the back of the device, you can still get the serial number:
  • On the login screen press: <Alt> and <V> at the same time and it will pop up the serial number and other info in the top right of the screen. Serial Number will be SNxxxxxxx.