Board Meeting Highlights - January 25, 2022

Good News

AMDSB Schools Deliver during Online Learning Period

Superintendent Creery provided a brief summary of how AMDSB schools engaged students during the online learning period from January 5 to 14. Some examples include a Grade 6 class at Upper Thames developing self care plans; Huron Centennial teachers inviting entrepreneur and long distance runner Pete Meades to speak to their class virtually; teachers setting up camera devices to show students math concepts with Lego pieces (Huron Centennial PS); spirit days of all kinds; Scattergories in virtual breakout rooms (Upper Thames ES); and Avon PS students working to design their own original Timbit flavour! In addition, Superintendent Morris reported that the Information Technology team supported school staff to deploy more than 5000 devices over two days to support students during this online learning period.
A collage of photos from AMDSB schools that highlight online learning activites

Student Support during the Online Learning Period 

Trustee Geddes reported that 159 students were supported in person during the online learning period (January 10-14). She extended a huge "thank you" to Learning Services, school staff and the transportation team as they worked to provide one on one support to students in order to ensure that their educational needs were being met. Many families expressed gratitude and appreciation to school staff for supporting students in person.  

Two Schools Receiving Funding to Enable Classroom and Child Care Additions

Superintendent Carter was thrilled to report that last week, Randy Pettapiece (MPP Perth County) announced that the Ministry of Education has approved our request for funds to move forward with additions at Listowel Eastdale Public School and Milverton Public School. Both projects, which were jointly submitted by AMDSB and the City of Stratford Children’s Services Division, support the mutual goal of expanding childcare and elementary school spaces in the Perth East and North Perth communities. 
The Listowel Eastdale project will provide four additional classrooms and three childcare rooms, both much needed additions to this school. The funding approved for this project was $4,263,961.  
The Milverton Public School project will provide two new childcare rooms and will allow for the expansion of the childcare partnership in this school. The funding approved for this project was $1,113,827.
Once complete, these spaces will help to better serve the families of Perth East and North Perth. 

Four AMDSB Schools Advance to Skills Competition Finals!

Superintendent Morris reported that students from Howick Central Public School (Grade 3), Clinton Public School (Grades 4 and 5), Huron Centennial Public School (Grades 4 and 5) and Listowel District Secondary School (Grade 9 and 11) competed in the regional finals and advanced to the provincial competition in the Skills Ontario "Junk Drawer Races". Full details are in the January 25 Media Release.
Students from Howick Central PS holding their gravity robot walker  Listowel District SS students' cardboard hovercraft

Centre for Employment and Learning Offers FREE Personal Support Worker Certification Program

Superintendent Carter was pleased to report that the Centre for Employment & Learning (CEL) is preparing to offer a new FREE Personal Support Worker (PSW) certification program, with on-the-job training in a co-operative education (co-op) format. Over 135 individuals have inquired about the program and they have received 35 applications so far. Full details are posted at

Board Approves the 2021/2022 Revised Budget

The Board of Trustees received and approved the 2021/2022 Revised Budget. The operating budget presented includes Operating Revenues and Transfers of Reserves of $222,395,053 and Operating Expenses of the same. The capital budget approved includes Capital Spending of $27,227,356. While the operating budget is compliant with the Ministry of Education's budget compliance rule, the total operating deficit for the 2021/2022 year is expected to be $1,446,900. 

Staff Presentations

Director's Annual Report (2020/2021 School Year)

Front page of the Director's Annual Report Director Walsh, with support from the entire senior team, presented an overview of the 2020/2021 Director's Annual Report. The report showcases the work that was accomplished despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit to view the report. 



Director's Work Plan Update (I Am Well)

Superintendents Creery and Marotta presented the work that addresses the pillar of I am well. Superintendent Marotta provided an overview of the Safe Schools work including partnerships, Administrative Procedure review and revision, and relevant resources for staff and parents/guardians. Superintendent Creery, with support from Human Rights and Equity Lead Administrator Mr. Burt, outlined work towards creating a barrier-free, anonymous reporting tool allowing for all members of the AMDSB community to identify racist and oppressive incidents. They also discussed Black Heritage, Black Histories, Black Futures, Black Brilliance Month and the initiative to provide translated versions of important school documents (e.g. report cards) in a student's first written literate language.  

Student Trustee Update

Student Trustee Elizabeth Benoit reported that schools engaged in a variety of activities prior to the holiday break as a fun way to send students off to what would be the start of virtual learning. Kyra Leddy from Central Huron SS organized and held a mental well-being week at her school and it was very successful. Their equity project has been put on hold temporarily as they wait for second semester to begin. The Senate also met with Mr. Burt prior to the board meeting to decide how the Senate can help him and his equity team rather than sending out another survey. 

Senior Staff Updates

North Perth Boundary Review Consultation Process

Superintendent Carter reported that two meetings of the North Perth Boundary Review Committee were hosted on December 8 and January 19. Meeting slides and videos are posted on the North Perth Boundary Review page. Following each meeting, a survey was sent to Committee members to provide another opportunity for feedback and/or to ask questions about ideas that emerged in the meeting. Staff are monitoring the [email protected] email daily and are working to respond to questions regularly. An internal report with possible options is expected from the consultant by February 15. In early March, viable options will be released to the community via a survey. Following the survey, staff will prepare a report for the Board.  

Remote Learning Update

AMRLS logo
Superintendent Morris reported that the Ministry of Education announced additional requirements before the holiday break. A short-term model of remote learning is a new requirement to provide a temporary option. Currently there are 175 students accessing this option. For the Avon Maitland Remote Learning School (full online learning), there are 230 students enrolled in the elementary panel (grades K to 8) and 176 in the secondary (grades 9 to 12).  

Future Board Meetings

  • February 8, 2022: Committee of the Whole, Open Session at 4:30 p.m. 
  • February 22, 2022: Committee of the Whole Closed Session at 4:30 p.m. and Regular Board Session at 6:00 p.m.
  • March 22, 2022: Committee of the Whole Closed Session at 4:30 p.m. and Regular Board Session at 6:00 p.m.
Meetings will be hosted online using Microsoft Teams until further notice. Links to join the meetings will be posted on the Board Meeting page.

Future Meetings/Events with Trustee Representation

  • Ontario Public School Board Association Public Education Symposium – January 28, 2022
  • Supervised Alternative Learning – Monday, January 31, 2022 at 8:30 a.m.
  • Special Education Advisory Committee – Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.