Speech and Language Pathologists

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Supporting Students

As part of school and Learning Services teams, Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) assess the communication strengths and needs of students. SLPs assist in developing strategies and programs that maximize comprehension, expression, literacy, learning and social outcomes for students referred by  school teams.

Supporting Staff

Speech Language Pathologists offer educational opportunities for all staff as well as assistance to educators in developing group and individual supports which meet the communication needs of all students to maximize learning and personal growth.

Supporting Families

SLPs support families to understand the communication strengths and needs of their children in order to maximize language, literacy and social success. SLPs offer parent/guardian educational opportunities and programs, as well as connect families with community agencies.

Coordinated Services

As part of a school team, SLPs strive to embed communication goals holistically within the school program, enhancing the unique skills of all professionals involved in order to achieve maximum effectiveness,
clarity of purpose, and efficiency in service delivery.