Programs for the Gifted

Gifted learners must be given stimulating educational experiences appropriate to their level of ability if they are to realize their potential.” – National Association for Gifted Children –


Avon Maitland’s Programs for the Gifted provides gifted learners the opportunity to work with like minded peers and to experience programming at a depth and breadth beyond that which is typically offered in the regular classroom environment. The program exposes participating students to a wide variety of activities from critical analytical thinking to opening the door to creativity.

Placement in programs for the gifted is based on individual assessment. Students must be identified by an Individual Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) as Intellectually Gifted and have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in place in order to access both the one day withdrawal program and the Modules.


Delivery Models

Withdrawal Program  – Grades 4 – 6

The goal of the gifted withdrawal program is to provide a nurturing, accepting environment where the unique intellectual, creative, social and emotional needs of gifted students are fulfilled. The one day a week program which is located at two sites – Stratford District Secondary School and Seaforth Public School – serves the grade four to six students.

Methods and strategies used emphasize the belief that gifted learners must be active participants in their own learning. The Teacher of the Gifted acts as a facilitator and guide providing gifted learners with the opportunity to reach their full potential and become self-motivated, lifelong learners. The foundation for the program is a differentiated curriculum with these key characteristics:

  • Complex issues and themes that  require more abstract thought and higher-level thinking processes
  • Learning based on characteristics, needs, abilities, and interests rather than on predetermined curricula or sequence of instruction
  • Time for in-depth inquiry, active exploration and discovery
  • Extensive opportunities to develop and apply creative and critical thinking
  • More challenges to acquire and demonstrate leadership abilities
  • Opportunities for students to demonstrate what they have learned in a wide variety of forms that reflect knowledge, excellence, and the ability to generate new ideas
  • Emphasis on developing self-understanding and appreciation of others


Modules Grades 7 – 10

Students in grades 7 through 10 have the opportunity to attend 4 one-day out of school learning experiences a year. Modules expose participating students to a variety of disciplines and academic pursuits.