Experiential Learning Educational Assistants

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Supporting Students

The role of an Experiential Learning Educational Assistant is all about providing support to students with complex needs.

Supporting Staff

An EL EA works with educators to meet student needs which allow for their learning to be extended beyond the classroom and into the community. An EL EA also works with community partners to build environments where students are able to practice the skills they will need for smooth transitions into the workplace.  Experiential learning EAs also support families looking to extend their child’s relationships within their local communities, which may lead to future engagement and employment.

Supporting Families

Most importantly, an EL EA supports students by connecting them with specific experiences to build skills and to make the contacts they will need to make successful transitions after their secondary school education. As well, students are supported in learning the health and safety requirements of Strand A of the Cooperative Education document. Once students complete this module, they are accompanied to their work experience and are supported throughout.

Coordinated Services

As an Experiential Learning Educational Assistant, the key focus is to support students in their local community as they develop and enhance the skills they can use to be successful, contributing members of their communities.